Go ASP. NET MVC 5 Tutorial: Quick Start

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This tutorial uses Visual Studio 2013 to teach you how to build a getting started ASP. NET MVC5 Web application. This tutorial supporting C # source project can be downloaded by the following URL: C # version source code link. At the same time, please consult Building the Chapter Downloads to complete compiling the source code and configuration database.

For the source engineering in this tutorial, you can run an MVC 5 application in Visual Studio. You can also deploy the Web application to a hosting service provider. Microsoft offers free web hosting for up to 10 web sites, with Windows Azure trial account. This tutorial was written by Scott Guthrie (Twitter @scottgu), Scott Hanselman (Twitter: @shanselman), and Rick Anderson (@RickAndMSFT), by Grape City Control Team translator (Sina Weibo @ Grape City control).


Run Visual Studio Express for Web or Visual Studio 2013 to start this instance.

Visual Studio is an IDE integrated development environment. Just as you use Microsoft Word to write documents, you can use the Integrated development environment (IDE) to create an application. A variety of different options are displayed for you to use in one of the top toolbars in Visual Studio. There is also a menu in the IDE that provides another way to perform tasks. (For example, you can not select new Project from the start page, you can use the menu, and then choose file > " new Project ")

Create your first MVC 5 application

Click New Project , select Visual C #on the left, select Web, and then select ASP. NET Web application. Name your project "Mvcmovie", and then click OK .

In the New ASP . NET Project dialog box, select the MVC template , and then click OK .

The ASP. NET MVC project that Visual Studio has just created uses the default template, so you don't need to do anything in the current project! This is a simple "Hello world!" "Engineering, and this is also a good place for you to start the" Mvcmovie "project.

Press the keyboard shortcut F5 to start debugging. F5 enables Visual Studio to start IIS Express and run the Web application. Visual Studio then launches the browser and opens the application's main page. Note that localhost:port# is displayed in the browser's address bar instead of an address such as example.com. This is because localhost will always be resolved to your own local computer, in which case this is exactly the application you have just built. When Visual Studio runs a Web project, a Web service that uses a random port is used. In the picture below, the port number is 1234. When you run the application, you may see a different port number.

On the right side of the default template page, you are provided with home, about, and contact pages. The following do not see "home", "about" and "contact" connections. Depending on the size of your browser form, you can see the links by clicking the navigation icon in the top right corner.

At the same time, the ASP. NET MVC application created by the default template also provides registration and login capabilities. The next step is to modify this default application and learn some knowledge about ASP. Close the browser, let's modify some of the source code.

The MVC learning Journey is about to begin, and presumably everyone wants to get into the MVC development quickly through this series of articles. When you develop, you can also use some development tools to help the development process. With the ComponentOne Studio ASP , this lightweight control allows for a significant increase in efficiency while meeting all user needs.


The 12 articles in the ASP. NET MVC 5 Getting Started Guide are summarized below:

1. asp 5-Start MVC 5 Tour

2. ASP. NET MVC 5-Controller

3. ASP. NET MVC 5-View

4. asp 5-pass data from the controller to the view

5. ASP. 5-Add a model

6. asp 5-Create a connection string (Connection string) and use SQL Server LocalDB

7. ASP. 5-access the data model from the controller

8. ASP. 5-Validation editing method and edit view

9. asp 5-Add new fields to movie tables and models

ASP. NET MVC 5-Add a validator to the data model

ASP. NET MVC 5-query details and Delete methods

ASP. NET MVC 5-Create an app with the Wijmo MVC 5 template for 1 minutes

Hopefully these articles will be helpful to interested friends, plus a PDF version of the summary document:

The ASP. NET MVC 5 Starter Guide PDF version

Go ASP. NET MVC 5 Tutorial: Quick Start

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