Go MySQL Visualizer MySQL Workbench use tutorial

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1. MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench provides database administrators, program developers, and system planners with visual SQL development, database modeling, and database management capabilities.

Download and installation of 2.MySQL Workbench

(1) If you have the option to install MySQL Workbench when installing the latest MySQL, you can choose to install it.

(2) MySQL Workbench can be installed independently. Official: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/installation is simple, basically is all the way next.

3.MySQL Workbench Function Use

Function Interface:

It is divided into three main function modules: SQL development (SQL development equivalent to Query Analyzer in Sql2000), Data Modeling (database modeling), server administration (servers management Equivalent to Enterprise Manager in Sql2000)

(1) Use of SQL development

The corresponding actions are: Connection list (for selecting a database connection already built), creating a new connection, editing database tables, editing SQL scripts, connections management

Clicking on new Connection will bring up the following interface

Enter the name of the server, the port, the user name, and the password.

The following interface is connected:

Specific operation SQL2005 SQL2008 in the same, no longer described here.

(2) Use of Data modeling

Database modeling in Workbench I'm not using it here, but I'm going to use it to add up.

(3) Use of the Server administration

The corresponding functions are: server instance list, new service instance, import and export of database, security management, server list management

Create a service instance, create the action and create connection in SQL development as you would enter the server name, port, user name, and password.

Create a functional interface into the service instance management as follows:

The main functions in management are:

View server status, including number of connections, cup usage, etc.

Turn on shutdown server instance to turn server instance on or off, view run log

View service instance logs including storage logs, error logs, notification logs, etc.

Configuration server configurations Here's the function I haven't studied yet.

Security Service instance safety set user rights, roles, schemas and MS SQL as security here

Import and export and restore of data Export/restore database

Operations for data export:

You can select the databases and data tables that you want to export, and you have exported the options. The export option here has an SQL script file for each table imported into a folder or all tables imported into a SQL file, whether the stored procedure is discarded, whether the event timer is discarded, and whether the data is emptied

Data import Operations:

There are only two data import operations to import all SQL scripts in a folder or to import a separate SQL pin file (two options for export, respectively)

Go MySQL Visualizer MySQL Workbench use tutorial

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