Go Google Chrome/ie/firefox View HTTP request Header Request Header response header

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Chrome View page header, right mouse button to open the review element, or shortcut key shift+ctrl+i or shift+ctrl+c
When I opened the network, I found it was empty and there was nothing.
Check the next, just know, need to refresh the page to display it.

Think about it also should, only reload the page, Chrome can capture header information.

It is said that this function is very good and powerful, can be used to find the hidden video file source address. Many non-professionals use censorship as an element to do this.

IE and Firefox view page header information requires plugins
How Chrome can view page header information
1,shift+ctrl+i pull up our awesome, sexy code-style debug work desk ~ ~
2, then load the page.
3, then, to see the network information ...
4, the highlight comes, click on the network information of the first corn.
Little Guy 2011-10-22 20:07:27
Lightyears Forum

How to view HTTP headers using the developer tool that comes with Chrome browser
1. Right click anywhere on the page to select a review element or press Shift+ctrl+c to open Chrome's own debugging tool;
2. Select the Network tab and refresh the Web page (Refresh with the debugging tool turned on);
3. After the refresh on the left to find the page URL, click on the right to select headers, you can see the current page HTTP header;
Libi on May 11, 2012

Request Header (HTTP request header)
Domain name requested by Host
User-agent browser-side browser model and version
Accept acceptable Content Types
Accept-language language
Accept-encoding acceptable compression type Gzip,deflate
Accept-charset Acceptable content encoding utf-8,*

Server-side response header (response header)
Date server-side time
Server Software apache/2.2.6 server-side
Etag file identifier
Content-encoding Transfer enabled GZIP compression gzip
Content-length Content Length
Content-type Content Types
In response to headers, we should always keep an eye on them. This information is not directly accessible and relies on third-party tools.
Read Micro Hall Zhang Zhiqiang

Chrome shortcut keys
Ctrl + Shift +b: Open Bookmark Manager
Ctrl + Shift + T: Recover closed tabs (recover up to 10 items)
CTRL + D: The current page is added as a bookmark
Ctrl + U: View source files

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Go Google Chrome/ie/firefox View HTTP request Header Request Header response header

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