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7 Free Java ebooks and tutorials

1.Thinking in Java (third Edition)

The author of this book is Bruce Eckel, which has always been the best-selling free ebook in Java. This book can help you learn Java in the system, which contains a lot of good code examples. The third edition is still free, until the fourth edition starts charging, but it's still worth buying a collection.

Think in Java

Free Download: Thinking in Java

2. The Java Tutorials

This tutorial is from Oracle/sun. It's a good choice for beginners. We can learn according to the rhythm we feel fit. From the most basic to the advanced content is covered.

The Java Tutorials

Free Download: the Java tutorials–free

3. The Java Language specification

This book is a good choice for a serious Java learner. This book is very authoritative, and it describes the details of Java in detail. My personal favorite tutorial. This book has pdf download. The SE 7 version was written by James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy Steele, Gilad Bracha,alex Buckley, etc. Just look at these names and feel a shudder, how can not strongly recommend it? Then download it and study it!

The Java Language specification

Download Pdf:the Java Language specification

4. Java Application Development on Linux

Yes, this book relies on the Linux operating system. The author has stated in the book that "This book covers the development and deployment of Java applications on Linux systems, which have command lines, Gui,servlet, and enterprise-class components." We'll show you a simple enterprise-class application from scratch that will involve the entire design process, on-line environment, configuration, management, and maintenance. ”

Java Application Development on Linux

Download Pdf:java application Development on Linux

5. Introduction to Programming Using Java

The author of this ebook is David J Eck, which is also a very popular online resource. It's completely free, and there are PDF downloads. Very good for a Java beginner.

Introduction to Programming Using Java

Free download ebook:introduction to programming Using Java

6. Think Java

This ebook is based on how to think like a computer scientist. You can read it online or download a PDF version. Its author is Allen B Downey. The reference tutorial for Java beginners is very good.

Free Download: Think Java

7. Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented Design Patterns in Java

This book is very helpful for learning about the data structure of Java. The author is Bruno R. Preiss. You can read it online, or you can download the source code for the tutorial.

Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented Design Patterns in Java

Free online tutorials: Data structures and algorithms with OOD Patterns in Java

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[Go] Java Books (for Java program apes recommend some good books worth reading + 7 free Java ebooks and tutorials)

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