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For WebService.

1. Path

@javax. ws.rs. Path

Identifies the URI path of the resource class or resource method to be requested.
Example, @Path ("Animal"), which represents the transaction to be processed when the next layer path is animal.
@Path ("{species}") This representation of curly braces, indicating that the next layer of path is parameterized, with @pathparam ("species") using parameters that can be assigned to the function.

For code:

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  1. @Path ("Animal")
  2. Public class Animal {
  3. Public String Species,name;
  4. public int age;
  5. public static Animal animal=new Animal ();
  6. @GET
  7. @Path ("{species}")
  8. @Produces (Mediatype.application_json)
  9. Public Animal Wsanimal (@PathParam ("species") String species,
  10. @QueryParam ("name") String name,
  11. @QueryParam ("age") int Age
  12. ){
  13. Animal.species=species;
  14. Animal.name=name;
  15. Animal.age= age==0?   2:age;
  16. return animal;
  17. }
  18. }
@Path ("Animal") public class Animal {public String species,name;public int age;public static animal animal=new animal (); @G Et@path ("{species}") @Produces (Mediatype.application_json) public Animal wsanimal (@PathParam ("species") String Species, @QueryParam ("name") String name, @QueryParam ("age") int age) {animal.species=species;animal.name=name; animal.age=  age==0?2:age;return Animal;}}

The effect is shown in Figure 1-1:

Figure 1-1 @Path Usage Example

2. From message data to method parameters

@javax. ws.rs. Pathparam

Binds the path parameter specified in the URI to the resource method parameter, the field of the resource class, or the Bean property of the resource class.

@javax. ws.rs. Queryparam

Assigns the query parameter of the HTTP request to the parameters of the function.

@javax. Ws.rs.DefaultValue

Sets the default value for the @queryparam parameter. If the @queryparam does not receive a value, the default value is used. Like what:

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    1. public string Fun (@DefaultValue ("description") @QueryParam ("desc") String desc) {...}
public string Fun (@DefaultValue ("description") @QueryParam ("desc") String desc) {...}

@javax. ws.rs. Formparam

Assigns the parameters in the form form of the HTTP request to the parameters of the function.

@avax. ws.rs. Context

Used to obtain environmental information. An example of obtaining a client IP is shown below:

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  1. @Path ("util")
  2. Public class Util {
  3. @Path ("Getclientip")
  4. @GET
  5. @Produces (Mediatype.text_plain)
  6. Public String Getclientip (@Context httpservletrequest request) {
  7. return request.getremoteaddr ();
  8. }
  9. }
@Path ("Util") public class Util {@Path ("Getclientip") @GET @produces (mediatype.text_plain) public String Getclientip (@ Context HttpServletRequest request) {return request.getremoteaddr ();}}

3.http method

@javax. ws.rs. GET
Represents an HTTP GET request that this method responds to.

@javax. ws.rs. POST
Indicates that this method responds to an HTTP POST request.

@javax. ws.rs. PUT

Typically used to update data.

@javax. ws.rs. DELETE

Typically used to delete data.

4. Return Data type

@javax. ws.rs. produces
Set the HTTP return message to report the stylistic content type.
The value is Javax.ws.rs.core.MediaType.XXX. Commonly used are:

MediaType. Application_json
MediaType. Text_plain

"Go" @javax. Ws.rs WebService Annotations

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