Go Language Introduction

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Go Language Tutorials

Go is an open-source programming language that makes it easy to build software that is simple, reliable, and efficient.

Go was developed from the end of 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and later joined Ian Lance Taylor, Russ Cox, and eventually open source in November 2009, A stable version of Go 1 was released earlier in 2012. Now the go development is completely open and has an active community.

Go language Features

    • Simple, fast, safe
    • Parallel, interesting, open source
    • memory management, v array security, compile quickly

Go language Uses

The Go language is designed as a system programming language for a giant central server that is powered by a WEB server that stores clusters or similar applications.

In the field of high-performance distributed systems, the Go language is undoubtedly more efficient than most other languages. It provides a huge amount of parallel support, which is great for the development of the game server.

First Go Program

Next we write the first Go program hello.go (the extension of the Go Language source file is. Go), the code is as follows:


Package Main

Import "FMT"

Func Main () {
Fmt. Println ("Hello, world!")
Running Instances»

Execute the above code output

$ go Run Hello.GoHello,  World!
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