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1. Configure Environment variables

2. Instructions and documentation for local reading of the newspaper do not FQ

Window+r appears black window execution godoc-http:8080

In the local browser localhost:8080 enter

3 multi-line Comment/**/

4 keyword 25

Const PI = 3.14//Declaration of constants

Type NewType//general type

var name = "Gopher"//Declaration of global variables

Structure Declaration

Type gopher struct {}


Type Golang interface{}

5. Tips for guiding the package

Import (




6 Hello world!

Package Main

Func Main () {

Fmt. Println ("Hello world!")


7. Using an ellipsis call or alias cannot exist simultaneously

<1 using aliases


8. Case

Uppercase public can be called

lowercase equals private

Three types and variables

The variable group function cannot be declared!

such as VAR (



Unint8 byte 0-255

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