Go language Primer to discard-variable

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Variable 1. Variable declaration

Using the keyword var

var v1 int          //整型var v2 string       //字符串var v3 [10]int      //数组var v4 []int        //数组切片var v5 struct {     //结构体    f int}var v6 *int         //指针var v7 map[string]  //map,key为string类型,value为int类型

Another use is to put a number of variables that need to be declared together

var (    v1 int    v2 string)
2. Variable initialization

There are three ways of initializing variables:

var v1 int = 10     //方式1var v2 = 10         //方式2,编译器可以自动推导出v2的类型v3 := 10            //方式3,可以省略关键字var和类型,编译器可以自动推导出v3的类型

Note: the variable on the left is not already declared, otherwise it will cause a compilation error

4. Assigning values to variables

In the go language, variable initialization and variable assignment are two different concepts

var v10 int v10 = 123

Note: The go language supports multiple assignments, which is also supported in Python.

i, j = j, i     //交换i和j变量
5. Anonymous variables

_ (underscore) is a special variable name, and any value given to it will be discarded:

_, i, _, j := 1, 2, 3, 4func test() (int, string) {    return 250, "sb"}_, str := test()

Go language Primer to discard-variable

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