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The following list is one of the five most important benefits a tester must have:

1. Continuous self-improvement

Software Testers must continue to learn. The world of technology is not slow. It's changing in the blink of an eye. Today, we are talking about transferring people from the UK to Australia within 3 hours of flying through a jet plane in the air.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to quit and start learning aviation technology. I said testers should not sit in their comfort zone and use the world's famous self-defense motto "I only test this" for their lack of ability to defend. Among so many things, one of the most important things that testers need to learn is the continual growth of knowledge in the field of products. There is a common misconception among testers that product knowledge is synonymous with domain knowledge. This is completely wrong. While it is important to understand the product, it is essential to have domain knowledge. Not being aware of the areas under test is not only irresponsible but also dangerous.

2. Programming Skills

Software testers need to understand some basic programming knowledge. An inability to program-at least to understand the fundamentals of programming-cannot really be a software tester. I remember that in my first company, there was a rule that had the same effect: to be a tester, you must first complete the development of a program. The implication of this rule is that testers can associate the code structure with testing, which can bring great value to developers and system engineers during the testing phase. This is a value-added service that a Test team really brings to the product they are testing.

3. Innovative Thinking

Testers must constantly think about how they are done and do the following two things correctly:

A) Enrich test Cases

b) Optimization of test methods

Equipping these two skills, enriching the test case now becomes just a strategic issue. Implementation is not a problem anymore. This frees the testers to focus their attention on making the test plan, not the details of the test work. They stop "worrying about Trifles", sorry I didn't find a better description (the original: for the lack of better words). Many software testing tools and procedures are the product of this forward thinking.

4. Communication Skills

In my experience, testers often think that they are "behind the office," so there is no need to say so much to people who "are in front of the office." In some circumstances, they may be right, but it does not mean that a tester needs to reduce communication. In almost all environments, conversation and communication are two completely different things.

A tester must be able to communicate clearly and accurately and demonstrate a high degree of understanding. Communication skills include a range of activities, such as reading and understanding product brochures, translating them into structured test cases, reporting software defects (bugs), and clearly and concisely writing test reports to managers, but not just that. In meetings, testers must be able to discuss them reasonably and communicate their findings in a logical and clear way. In a word, in order to maintain an edge in the enterprise, a software tester must have an extraordinary say and writing skill.

5. Responsibility

This is a lot of the software testers I've worked with in the past may not feel comfortable with the words. I express this word in two different ways:

A) be responsible for the product you are testing. Many testers come to the office in the morning to complete their tasks and then leave the office at night. When they finish the day's mission, they will pack up and leave. Sounds normal? Yes, and I've read and seen a lot of people actually trying to achieve this "normal" way of working. However, this is not what I want to say (maybe another day there will be another article to say it).

My point is that most of the time testers don't see how their products actually work in a big environment. How they affect the economy and market, business and business operations, customers and end users, and so on. If testers can understand these and understand the contributions they are creating, the work they are doing has so much meaning that they will work better because of the sense of ownership they develop.

b) be responsible for the mistakes you make (errors or mistakes). It is widely accepted that testers are the wrong people to find someone else. And testers are happy to believe this concept. However, testers (like other ordinary people) also make mistakes. It is the integrity of the testers who admit these mistakes.

I often say that testers who admit to being wrong and not saying unnecessary explanations to waste everyone's time and energy are reliable testers. We will soon turn from blame to focus on how to solve the problem. It is also dangerous to use your fingers to refer to others ' lives to blame others. I've been through this before: testers find that others are blaming their mistakes, and then constantly explaining or not admitting them, eventually leading to a lot of unnecessary situations and bad feelings. You just have to admit the mistake and move on.

The world is moving forward, companies are moving forward, testers also need to go forward and not be left behind. "Learn, improve, innovate."

Go Pick "Five testers must have the advantages

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