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Most common shortcut keys
1. CTRL + e to display the list of recently edited files
2. Shift + Click can close the file
3. CTRL + [or] can jump to the beginning and end of braces
4. Press Ctrl + Shift + backspace to jump to the Last edited location.
5. Press Ctrl + F12 to display the structure of the current file.
6. CTRL + F7 can query the reference of the current element in the current file, and then press F3 to select
7. CTRL + n to quickly open the class
8. CTRL + Shift + n to quickly open the file
9. Alt + Q: You can see the declaration of the current method.
10. CTRL + W can select the word and then the statement and then the row and then the Function
11. Alt + F1 can locate the elements being edited in each panel
12. Press Ctrl + P to display the parameter information.
13. Press Ctrl + Shift + insert to select and insert the clipboard content
14. Alt + insert can generate Constructors/getter/setter, etc.
15. CTRL + ALT + V can introduce variables. For example, assign the SQL statement in parentheses to a variable.
16. CTRL + ALT + T can wrap the code in one piece, such as try/catch
17. Alt + up and ALT + down can be quickly moved between methods

Below is not very common
18. In some cases, press Alt + enter to get some intention actions. For example, change "=" to "equals ()"
19. CTRL + Shift + ALT + n can quickly open the symbol
20. CTRL + Shift + space provides smart prompts in many cases.
21. Alt + F3 can be quickly searched
22. CTRL +/and CTRL + Shift +/can comment out the code
23. CTRL + ALT + B can jump to the implementation of the abstract Method
24. CTRL + O you can select the parent class method for rewriting.
25. CTRL + Q to view javadoc
26. CTRL + ALT + space is automatically completed by Class Name
27. wildcard characters or abbreviations can be used to quickly open a class/file/symbol.
28. Live Templates! CTRL + J
29. CTRL + Shift + F7 can highlight the use of the current element in the current file
30. CTRL + ALT + up/CTRL + ALT + down to quickly jump to the search results
31. CTRL + Shift + J can be integrated into two rows
32. Alt + F8 is the variable value.

[Go] shortcut keys for idea13

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