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1. Create a test folder MySQL, the package for the go file under the folder must match the folder name (otherwise it will not be recognized)

2. Create the file to be tested Mysql.go (use Github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql package)

Package Mysqlimport (    "Database/sql"    _ "Github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql") func findbypk (pk int) int {    var num int = 0    db, err: = SQL. Open ("MySQL", "Root: @tcp (")    if err! = Nil {        Panic (err. Error ())    }    defer db. Close ()    stmtout, err: = db. Prepare ("Select ID from t_admin where id=?")    If err! = Nil {        Panic (err. Error ())    }    defer stmtout.close ()    err = Stmtout.queryrow (PK). Scan (&num)    if err! = Nil {        Panic (err. Error ())    }    return num}

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3. Create the Unit test case file Mysql_test.go (the file name must be of type *_test.go, * represents the file name to be tested, the function name must start with test such as: Testxxx or test_xxx)

Package Mysqlimport (    "testing") Func TEST_FINDBYPK (t *testing. T) {    num: = FINDBYPK (1)    t.Log (num)}

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Testing all the files go test will compile all the *_test.go files in the current directory and run the tests automatically.
Test a file using the "-file" parameter. Go test–file *.go. For example: Go test-file mysql_test.go, "-file" parameter is not necessary, can be omitted, if you enter Go Test b_test.go will also get the same effect.
Test a method Go test-run= ' test_xxx ' "-V" parameter go test-v ... Indicates that the result is displayed regardless of whether the use case is tested or not, and no "-V" means that only the failed use case results are displayed

4. Create the benchmark performance test case file Mysql_b_test.go (the file name must be of type *_b_test.go, * represents the file name to be tested, the function name must start with benchmark such as: BENCHMARKXXX or benchmark _XXX)

Package Mysqlimport (    "testing") func BENCHMARK_FINDBYPK (b *testing. B) {for    I: = 0, i < B.N; i++ {//use b.n for looping        findbypk (1)    }}

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Benchmark test Go test-bench= ". *" or go test for all go files. -bench= ". *"
A go file is benchmark tested go Test mysql_b_test.go-bench= ". *"

5. Generating a CPU status graph with performance tests (not currently tested for use)

Use the command:
Go test-bench= ". *"-cpuprofile=cpu.prof-c
Cpuprofile is the CPU profile that represents the build
-C is the generation of an executable binary, which is required to generate a state diagram, which generates an executable file in this directory Mysql.test
Then use the Go tool pprof tools
Go tool pprof Mysql.test cpu.prof
Call the Web (you need to install Graphviz) to generate an SVG file, and then use your browser to view the SVG file reference http://www.cnblogs.com/yjf512/archive/2013/01/18/2865915.html
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