Gorose orm+dotweb Framework Quick Build Go Web site combat (vi)

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Website on-line operation and summary

Test run

In the previous section, we finished all the service-side code, so let's try running it first.

    • Start the service

      go run main.go

      The following information will be printed:

      start...,port:8888, visit: http://localhost:8888

      Description, our service is running.

    • Browser input Access


      The "Quick News homepage", which we set up in our route, is running perfectly.

    • Get a piece of news data under test


      The browser will print out the following information:

      {    "data": {        "content": "新闻啊新闻新闻啊新闻",        "created_at": "2018-01-23 16:31:53",        "id": 1,        "status": 1,        "updated_at": null    },    "msg": "success",    "status": 200}

      The data service is also a perfect success

Deploy on-line

When it comes to deployment, go is one of the easiest projects I've ever seen, and there are several ways to do it on the web, and here's a simple example.

    • Packaging services

      go build main.go
    • Running the service

      nohup ./main &

Yes, that's it, it's running, it's gone.


This series of tutorials just made a simple example of a Web site process and played a starting effect.
Specific use of the process, according to their own needs, to make the appropriate adjustments can help people seeking to get started quickly through the two-pulse bar

Description: As far as the front page, I write casually, I use the vue front-end framework here, follow-up opportunities, I will record this process, temporarily first, the source is together

The project Source: Https://github.com/gohouse/kuaixinwen

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