Guangzhou Podcast PHP Training basic job classes are learning which courses

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Guangzhou Preach Wisdom Podcast PHP training basic job classes are learning which courses

Guangzhou Preach Wisdom Podcast PHP training basic job classes are learning which courses

Guangzhou Wisdom Podcast is the only IT training organization in the South China market made by well-known intelligence podcast.

After the transfer of Wisdom podcast PHP formally settled in Guangzhou, it caused a great extraordinary. Guangzhou Wisdom Podcast has been in the Java,. Net, Web page design for the famous, the name of sound all over the country, in Guangzhou, Preach Wisdom Podcast training students from all over the country.

However, it is due to the popularity of the Guangzhou Intelligence Podcast, the first class in the entire South China is also the beginning of the first class was spread uproar, the initial class has been full, of course, the next stage of the Communication Intelligence podcast Guangzhou PHP training classes are still in the hot admissions.


Let's take a look at the Guangzhou Preach Wisdom Podcast PHP training basic Job classes are learning what courses?

Guangzhou Wisdom Podcast PHP Basic class:

This course is suitable for those who do not have any Software programming foundation and web design experience, and want to start with the basics of PHP development enthusiasts. The course focuses on learning the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web site development, as well as helping learners get started with the Apache server build, MySQL database, and PHP programming basics, and lay a solid foundation for further PHP career lessons.

Guangzhou Preach Wisdom Podcast PHP Employment class
The course must have a certain front-end web design (html+css+javascript) and the development of the foundation, or self-learning some PHP books and video materials, to further improve the development of the PHP Web site developers. This course focuses on the development of HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, MySQL database, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to develop technology of practical and theoretical double-integrated engineer, It also focuses on SEO optimization, internet security, MySQL index optimization, query optimization and storage optimization, PHP cache optimization, page static, SSI, server cluster and many other popular Internet technologies used in large-scale portal sites. Through the training of many real projects in this course, students can also master Internet system Architecture design idea, cache system design, website load balancing, System performance tuning Internet advanced technology. After graduating students really have about two years of Internet system development experience.


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