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The GUI of a program in Linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For details, see the following. Author: zyyzj

Today, I was amazed at how the GUI interface of a Linux program is poor. compared to how WINDOWS is insufficient, I jumped out of the honor of a Linux guy, such as GNOME/KDE, to defend Linux, then, the verbal war begins!

From the perspective of a programmer, I would like to express my views on the "GUI of Linux programs. In addition, I think this idea should be representative of a large number of programmers in Linux.

In Linux, why are there few excellent programs with easy-to-use GUI?

Linux culture is based on text and command lines, which is fast, effective, and simple.

In my opinion, computer users can be divided into commercial users and home users horizontally, and both programmers and non-programmers vertically.

When I develop enterprise applications in Windows, I first consider the user interface. I will understand all the information about the end customers, their age, their education, their work habits, their business processes, and so on, I will just sit in front of the computer screen for five consecutive hours to adjust the position of a button, staring at the interface, thinking about the operations of my customers;

When I develop a program in Linux, I first consider data structures and various technology-related things, array or linked list, text or XML, whether to use a ready-made library or not. I also sit on the computer screen for five consecutive hours to check whether my code is perfect;

I develop a Windows program for the benefit, and the interface is the primary focus; I develop a Linux program for the name, and code is the primary focus.

When I develop on different platforms, I have different value orientations. in Windows, I communicate with users and in Linux, I communicate with programmers.

I don't know how many people can understand these things?

Well, simply put (it may hurt some Linux fans, and I apologize), the programs in Linux are only intended for users. Do you understand?

The most accurate and rational description of the cultural differences between Linux and Windows is Joel Spolsky's article in <dual culture>: the UNIX culture enables its code to produce value that is useful to other programmers, while the WINDOWS culture gives it value that is useful to non-programmers.

If you are not a programmer or have not compiled basic knowledge such as command line but use Linux, I can only say, buddy, you are standing wrong.

What do you do to enter the desktop? You don't need to manually modify configurations. It's the behavior and slogan of business and business people. They spend money to hire professional programmers to develop programs and promote programs everywhere. There is nothing different from Windows's commercial behavior. That is, they will eventually charge users, and they will find their way out, buddy. Do you understand?

If you expect that the desktop application in Linux can be easily installed only once, I can only say it again, dude, you're standing wrong.

Many things have completely changed since they arrived in China, especially those related to economic interests. I will not talk about the Linux status in China.

In addition, the differences between the applications of the two platforms in GUI are partly due to the differences in their respective cultures, and the other part is also related to technology. A gui library with high reliability and high availability is very complex and can be implemented using almost all software development technologies. In this regard, Windows is very good. I personally think that it is the most [comprehensive availability] in the current operating system (for general desktop users ). When it comes to GUI design, it is impossible not to mention APPLE. I also bought a POWERBOOK to study its GUI Design. I will write some texts to discuss it in the future.

I declare that it is not too short for me to mix software development in Linux and Windows. Open-source, open-source, and commercial applications are involved. The above statements are based on probability, it doesn't mean that the next Linux program with a good GUI does not exist. Therefore, you will not be able to refute it through various examples.
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