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A growing number of key applications have now migrated to the Web, and the security of these Web applications has become an important challenge for organizations. The enemy can Baizhanbudai. Web security can be more effectively ensured only by understanding the exploits that exist in the Web application and the attack methods used by the attackers.

This book is the experience of web security experts, the system describes how to attack and counter-attack Web applications, detailed analysis of the attacks using the techniques, steps and tools, clear, comprehensive content, almost all of the web core technology and the core features of Web applications, In addition, it also provides the reader with the author's own development of several tools to explore the vulnerabilities, is a rare hacker technology practical treasure.

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Dafydd Stuttard is a world-renowned security technology expert. The developer of the famous web App attack test Tool burp suite. The Network name Portswigger the security circle. Dr. Generation, a senior security advisor at Next software, is primarily responsible for Web application security.

Marcus Pinto Senior Penetration testing expert, Next Generation security software company senior Safety consultant, mainly responsible for database development team. Holds a master's degree from Cambridge University.

Catalog # 1th Web Application Security and risk
The 2nd chapter of the core defense mechanism
Chapter 3rd Web Application Technology
4th Chapter Parsing applications
5th. Avoiding Client Controls
6th Chapter attack authentication mechanism
Chapter 7th attack Session Management
Chapter 8th Attack Access control
9th Chapter Code Injection
The 10th chapter uses path traversal
Chapter 11th attacking application logic
Chapter 12th attacking other users
13th. Custom Attack Automation
The 14th Chapter uses information disclosure
Chapter 15th attacking compiled applications
Chapter 16th attacking application architectures
Chapter 17th attacking Web servers
18th. Finding vulnerabilities in Source code
19th Web Application Hack Toolkit
20th Chapter Web application Penetration Testing methodology

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Hacker attack and defense technology Treasure Web Combat Article 2nd edition PDF

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