Hbuilder iOS package fails to import P12 certificate solution

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Problem Description:

When the profile and private key certificate have been successfully packaged through Hbuilder iOS, the problem of package failure is suddenly encountered, and the problem details are that the P12 certificate cannot be imported.

Explore the process:

In the face of problems first introspection attitude, repeated packaging several times, both failed.

In the online search related issues, there are said to restart the computer so that the test is still unsuccessful.


  Update the Hbuilder version, the trial is not happy.

By the way, the basic update will be resolved in the face of Hbuilder problems. Before encountering a hbuilder Unable to install the debug dock, but also after repeatedly tried to grope, the last update Hbuilder version is resolved. Maybe hbuilder after updating a version, the previous version of the problem will not be used!

Hbuilder iOS package fails to import P12 certificate solution

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