HDF The first week is over, suddenly time is still. When you wake up, go to the company and work hard.

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Monday to a task, do evaluation completed, share the finished page, so that the Thursday may not be able to find out, find Dzy, logic is more chaotic, want to give up, feel very useless. Yesterday with bean chat, deny oneself is a little meaning also no, feel very bad, helpless feeling with third day same. Solution:

Go to success from the exam super long play talk about the Confucius Books Online there

7-5382-5822-1 Zhou Meihua Zhou Meihua, 62-year-old, director of Shenyang Institute of Innovation Education, Director of China Creative Society: "Exam, let you add 50 points" (1997); "Towards success--from the long play of Exams" (2001)
    • Publishing house: Liaoning Education Press (January 1, 2001)
    • Paperback
    • isbn:7538258221
    • Barcode: 9787538258226
    • Asin:b00cr2vn00

Meditation, before bedtime, after waking up, with self-meditation, envisioning the sight of success, the most relaxed,

Demons retreat, clouds die, I only focus on the most important code,

Early morning very annoyed, sleep too early yesterday, if I like Junior high school, the passion to support me to stay up late, the next day although the class, but very substantial, to have so many days, the morning more than four wake up, feel very full, wake up early to the company to work, do not rely on the bed, lying on the beds, sleep, feel Why don't you get up and hit the code

A night of death, think of college McDonald's all night to review the retake

Bean said very good, want to know what I come to the company is what, as long as can learn things, win, if they all feel that they can not, the company must think you do not

At this moment, I am sitting in the company, today Sunday, yesterday I also in, but very impetuous, why, feel in the company also did not produce, can try to write Damo, realize some small function

Headache is not a problem, junior high school, headache teeth, must be the topic to make, this is too difficult, I do a similar simple demo, see how the Internet is said

The subway can talk to Jade in the evening, but the subway stops immediately, talk once a day, talk over the weekend,

Coded sense of accomplishment


Bug, knowledge record

Friends of the league to share the method of returning calls from QQ:

You can use block callbacks in addition to notifications


-(BOOL) Application: (UIApplication *) application Handleopenurl: (nsurl *) URL

Send notification:

else if ([Url.scheme isequaltostring:qqappid] | | [Url.scheme Isequaltostring:qqtencendid])


Friends of the League share statistics

[Umsocialsnsservice Handleopenurl:url];

Share success

[[Nsnotificationcenter Defaultcenter] Postnotificationname:share_success_noti Object:nil];




In Interface Builder, select the Uilabel that you want to wrap, in the Properties panel, select the text box, enter the first line of text, pre-break, press and hold optional (ALT) +enter, and then switch to the second row automatically, (if you press Enter directly, is to determine what you're typing, not wrap it, and don't forget to set the lines property to 0.

Xib ScrollView do not scroll

Google found to all say so, try, although with the code other people write different, but on the internet everyone says so, try

I do not want to add code, want to engage in xib inside, in order to stay in line with the predecessor, Xib canceled AutoLayout, the results before the constraints all gone, scared me

Fortunately later Cmd+z, all returned to, really scared to the dead, made a day afraid in vain. The Bright of the Resurrection

The lesson is, xib constraints do not change as far as possible, Gaga code, can achieve the best, there is the belief that most people on the Internet, do not rely too much on the current code

Color hex 0xff8c28 Case Okay


The point Close button cannot be closed, only the fourth type can be closed

Google: dismissviewcontrolleranimated doesn't work

Google said Push-pop Present-dismiss

Self is the only way to lose the first one.

Self.nav can adjust the pop method

[Self dismissviewcontrolleranimated:yes completion:nil];

[Self popoverpresentationcontroller];

[Self.navigationcontroller Popoverpresentationcontroller];

[Self.navigationcontroller Popviewcontrolleranimated:yes];


Registering notifications in the Init method

[[Nsnotificationcenter Defaultcenter] addobserver:self selector: @selector (resetview) Name:share_success_noti Object : nil];


The server returned the data, but Xib did not update the data

Break point, found that lable is nil, the model has data (indicating that the server is not a problem),

You can change the text of Lablel in the Viewdidload method, and the label is not empty

So the problem is that the label is modified before the view is loaded, but the view does not appear, and the label is nil and is not possible to be assigned

The workaround is to use the externally imported model to set the label's text in the Viewdidload method


Determine the current device system version number:

[Enapp Is7systemversion]



Typedef ns_enum{

Sear = 0,



The last side of the searchtype can be used as a method type

The type attribute is added,

TableView Setcontentoffest


In the case of a real machine test, there is a sudden error, code signing is required for product type ' application ' in SDK ' IOS 7.0 ', which means the code signing certificate is wrong.


1. Select the project->build Settings, code Signing, code Signing Identity, Debug, any iOS SDK to change the option to: IPhone Develo Per

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Navigation controller array, jump to the specified controller:

Traversing the navigation controller array to get the desired controller is better than index, because in the event of an increase in the process, index may change

-(void) dismiss {

Nsarray *controllerarray = self.navigationController.viewControllers;

For (Uiviewcontroller *VC in Controllerarray) {

if ([VC Iskindofclass:[mamyappointmentscontroller Class]]) {

[Self.navigationcontroller POPTOVIEWCONTROLLER:VC Animated:yes];




[Self.navigationcontroller Poptorootviewcontrolleranimated:yes];


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

ScrollView, xib add Contentview, set the left and right constraints to 0, the bottom constraint is determined by the bottom control

Xib the controller created. You can alloc init directly or Initwithnibname

ScrollView four-sided constraints set,

Set the Contentview,contentview four-sided constraint to have the same width as the screen width, or specify

Constraint + height of child control, open contentview;

Do you not specify Contentview width, which is open by controls? This realizes the up and down can scroll, as well as the spring effect (equivalent to contentsize than the screen most, to scroll)

If the specified Contentview width is equal to the screen, you cannot scroll in four directions//write this little demo feeling good

Hide the Nodataview in the Viewdidload method, the outside setting is invalid.


With the service side, get the test data, URL, parameters in front, parameter values in the back

Ask a colleague if they want to test the account

Unclear questions about product requirements


Look at the Great God's blog, many knocks, eyes are lazy eggs, hands are heroes,

Send a colleague something to eat


The first job I very hard, often active overtime, nothing to do on their own to read some books, videos to learn other knowledge. That year, I often catch the last train home to sleep, in addition to sleeping on the subway, is writing code, the ability to grow fast. A year later I changed a job, is a very big outsourcing company, pay 10K. Probably dry for half a year, feel not learning anything, every day is the same thing, not contact with the deeper technical knowledge. So change work, after friends introduced, to a more well-known domestic Android app distribution platform company, salary talk set 18K, this time live place also found a better master bedroom.
Because I often participate in some Internet technology conferences, offline gatherings and so on, met some cattle people. There is a personal contact I said willing to cooperate to do some of their own things, so leave to do their own things, is the overseas Sea Amoy system of rebate. To do now, the current income of about four hundred thousand or five hundred thousand

The accumulation of time is useless, write the above text of the talent is Daniel, if I do, a year I can also

The most precious is the time, the same is half a year, the small Tang, Lily is already the great God, lily that colleague also said that he wasted a lot of time

HDF The first week is over, suddenly time is still. When you wake up, go to the company and work hard.

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