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Raspberry Pi started for some time, the original intention is to masturbate Linux, but then a whole year in the children's House account book, this thing also put a year dust.

Recently finally was life toss to the end, began to find something to toss toss.

First, what is Rsapbbery Pi

Raspberry Pi is a credit card size, Linux-based card computer, 700MHz cpu,b Pi upgraded to (A PI 256 memory). UK Pi Price B Pi 35 knife (A Pi 25 dao), the Chinese version b pi about 300 soft sister B.

Raspberry Pi Fund positioning is to provide students with the learning machine, did not expect the release after the Geek hand to shine.

In summary, Raspberry Pi features:

1. Cheap, ex-factory price is equal to cost, the current profit is only satisfied with the daily operation of the foundation

2. Small, perfectly formed, known as the world's smallest computer

3. Malleable, Raspberry Pi provides just a prototype to see what Geek is doing with it:

  • Web Server: http://www. penguintutor.com/linux/ Raspberrypi-webserver
  • Home automation :http://www. Instructables.com/id/ra spberry-pi-gpio-home-automation/
  • BitTorrent Server :/http/blog.snapdragon.cc/raspberry-pi-as-bittorrent-server/
  • Web Cam Server :http://www. raspberrypi.org/archive S/tag/webcam
  • Weather Station :http//blog.retep.org/2012/07/30/ installing-a-usb-weather-station-on-a-raspberry-pi-part-1/
  • BitCoin Wallet:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=93724.0
  • quadcopter:/httphackaday.com/2012/12/01/raspberry-pi-quadcopter/
  • VoIP PBX:http://www. raspberry-asterisk.org/
  • XMBC Multimedia Center :http//HACKADAY.COM/2012/11/19/ Raspberry-pi-reaches-critical-mass-as-xbmc-hardware/
  • Audio book player :/http/hackaday.com/2012/11/01/ one-button-audiobook-player-made-from-a-raspberry-pi/
  • Arduino Shields:http://www. Cooking-hacks.com/index . Php/documentation/tutorials/raspberry-pi-to-arduino-shields-connection-bridge
  • NAS Server :/http/Elinux.org/r-pi_nas
  • Apple Time Machine support:http://www. andadapt.com/2012/09/06 /raspberry-pi-raspbian-hfs-afp-and-time-machine/
  • Tor relay :/http/lifehacker.com/5953155/ use-a-raspberry-pi-as-a-tor-relay-and-help-others-browser-anonymously
  • Home VPN Server: / http wellsb.com/post/2941282 0494/raspberry-pi-vpn-server
  • GPS Tracker (with 3G support): http://www. MILOS.IVANOVIC.CO.NZ/BL og/252
  • Advice machine (useless but cool): / http HACKADAY.COM/2012/09/26 /machine-offers-cheap-advice-charges-more-for-something-profound/
  • Analog Input: / http HACKADAY.COM/2012/09/14 /a-truly-professional-raspi-analog-input/
  • Super Computer: http://www. southampton.ac.uk/~sjc/ raspberrypi/
  • Kindle as a display: http://www. Ponnuki.net/2012/09/kin dleberry-pi/
  • PIC Programmer: / http holdenc.altervista.org/ rpp/
  • pentesting/hacking: / http blog.pwnieexpress.com/p Ost/24967860602/raspberry-pwn-a-pentesting-release-for-the-raspberry
  • Android System: http://www. raspberrypi.org/archive s/1700
  • Check network status: https:// wiki.bitlair.nl/pages/p Rojects/netlight
  • Solar Data logger: http://www. Briandorey.com/post/ras pberry-pi-solar-data-logger.aspx
  • Send me to space: http://www. daveakerman.com/? p=592
  • Coffee: / http moccapi.blogspot.co.uk/ 2012/03/idea.html
  • make a cool tank: / http blog.ianrenton.com/rasp berry-tank-build-diary/
  • Electronic photo frame: http://www. Cjb.im/2012/06/raspberr y-pi-wireless-display-using.html
  • Add WiFi:/httppingbin.com/2012/12/setup-wifi-raspberry-pi/
  • opensource Kiosk: / http pikiosk.tumblr.com/
  • Node JS: / http elsmorian.com/post/2347 4168753/node-js-on-raspberry-pi
  • Traffic Monitoring: http://www. THEPOWERBASE.COM/2012/1 2/integreen-brings-open-source-traffic-monitoring-to-italy/
  • overclocking: http://www. Jeremymorgan.com/tutori als/raspberry-pi/how-to-overclock-raspberry-pi/

Second, prepare


1.Raspberry Pi, recommended B type (512 memory + network card slot), domestic pi convenient

2.TF card + TF to SD card sleeve, recommended CLASS10, better speed

3.SD card reader, for burning card

4. Power cord 5v, via MicroUSB or GPIO header

5. A line of cable

6.usb Infinite Nic One (optional), note model, Compatibility List http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals#USB_Wi-Fi_Adapters


1.win32diskimager used to burn cards.

2. The operating system image address is http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

    • NOOBS starter Pack, including several OS, can be switched at any time
    • Raspbian based on Debian, official recommendation
    • OPENELEC/RASPBMC Multimedia Center
    • Arch
    • Risc OS

3.SSH Client

    • Putty,for PC
    • Serverauditor,for IPad
    • Irssi connectbot,for Android Phone

Third, System installation

    • Download image, recommended Raspbian
    • Use the card reader to plug the TF card into the PC and burn the image to the TF card with Win32diskimager

    • Insert the card reader into the SD card slot of the Raspberry Pi, connect the network cable, the power cord, the system will automatically start

    • Obtain the IP address of the Raspberry Pi, you can go to the router to check, you can also use the ARP tool to scan
    • Raspbian has been installed by default SSH service and started, directly with the SSH client to connect to Raspberry Pi, user name and password is Pi,raspberry

Four, System initialization

1. Open the Raspberry Pi Advanced Settings panel: sudo raspi-config

    • Expand Filesystem: Extended SD card free space (recommended)
    • change user passwork: Modify your password to see a person's preferences
    • Enable Boot to Desktop/scratch: Select default boot High desktop GUI/command line interface
    • Internationlisation Options:
      • Change Locale: Modify the encoding and select en_US. UTF-8, ZH_CN. UTF-8, ZH_CN. GBK
      • Change Timezone: Modify time zone, select Asia/shanghai
      • Change Keuboard layout: Modifying keyboard layouts, choosing Chinese (US)

2. Upgrade the system and software upgrade,update, a long wait ...

3. Time synchronization, Raspberry Pi no real-time clock, synchronization time by network

Install ntpdate, add boot sync time command in rc.local file, save exit

4. Install Remote Desktop, you need to install XRDP, and then you can use the Remote desktop of Windows to directly remote, login name is Pi,raspberry

Linux desktop meaning is not big (consumption performance), occasionally used to configure something (such as wireless card) is very convenient

V. What to do next

FTP Service

Web Services (mono + Jexus)

Nginx,lvs,keepalived ...

Redis,memcached,mongodb,hdfs ...

Golang,lua ...

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