Help a friend urgently recruit PHP, Android development Engineer Xi ' an salary 8k-12k

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PHP Senior Engineer Post requirements:

1. Have more than two years experience in PHP development,
2. Proficient in Php+mysql program design and development, with good code habits, the requirements of a clear structure, naming norms, logic strong, code redundancy rate is low.
3. Familiar with object-oriented software design method, the object-oriented design model has a deep understanding and proficiency in the application.
4. Familiar with common frame thinkphp or CI or yii one of them.
5. Familiar with Webandroid development engineer front-end html(xhtml), jquery and other JS framework.
6. Strong logic, clear thinking, strong learning ability, can quickly learn new skills.
7. Experience with high-traffic web development architecture, more MySQL optimization experience is preferred.

Android Development Engineer

1. College degree or above, major in computer software or communication is preferred
2.1-3 years of Android product development experience, Solid Java language Foundation
3. Familiar with Android development technology, tools and related development testing tools

Salary 8k-12k, ability, salary can be discussed again

Work Location: Xi ' an
Contact Person: Mr. Li

Help a friend urgently recruit PHP, Android development Engineer Xi ' an salary 8k-12k

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