Hitpoint won the 4-Star partner honor to open up NetSuite China market

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Recently,Hitpoint was awarded the NetSuite "star Partner Program" 4 star rating, becoming the only 4-star partner in the NetSuite Mainland China region.

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Prior to the May 2014 NetSuite Annual conference Suiteworld, Hitpoint just received 2 star assessment, which means that Hitpoint agent NetSuite service in China has been highly recognized by the United States Headquarters, At the same time also shows hitpoint in the domestic development and implementation of NetSuite products of extraordinary strength.

SaaS as a delivery model for enterprises to provide online services, after several years of deep development, has gradually been recognized by enterprises. And SaaS products such as NetSuite as a bridge to build information and enterprise integration, in many ways to alleviate the pressure faced by enterprises, help enterprises out of the predicament.

As an authorized agent in NetSuite China, Hitpoint has professional talents from various IT companies and management consulting companies who have served in SAP, Infor and BearingPoint, and has accumulated a large number of customer bases, good market channels and professional services, in the implementation of NetSuite products, We have extensive experience in localization, two times development and training.

Hitpoint provides perfect adaptation to China's local solutions, combined with a number of cases summed up the professional implementation methodology, to help customers landing NetSuite in China's implementation on-line, has become the preferred agent of Chinese NetSuite customers.

The award of NetSuite's 4-star partner honors the Hitpoint in terms of market sales, industry solutions and delivery capabilities. Hitpoint will take this honor as an opportunity to work with NetSuite to provide customers with more comprehensive, more efficient solutions and services. Believe that in this era of rapid development of cloud computing, Hitpoint and NetSuite cooperation will greatly drive the development of China's market.

Hitpoint 4-Star partner honors to open up NetSuite China market

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