How can I disable the copy and paste of a cracked webpage and disable the paste of a cracked webpage?

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How can I disable the copy and paste of a cracked webpage and disable the paste of a cracked webpage?
Some web pages cannot be copied or pasted. The best solution is to use Firefox,
Enter about: config
Search for dom. event. clipboardevents. enabled
Double-click to change the value to "false"
How to crack the page to prohibit copy and paste? Right-click and paste. The "prohibit copy and paste" window is displayed.

In the first case, "Copyright, copying is prohibited !". This is because the following code is added to the webpage file:

Method of cracking: select the target and then right-click the target. A Prompt window is displayed. Do not release the right-click button and move the pointer to the "OK" button in the prompt window, then, press the left button. Now, the left mouse button is released, the restriction window is closed, and the right mouse button is removed from the target. The right mouse menu is displayed, and the restriction is canceled!

In the second case, "add to Favorites" appears. The solution is as follows:

Right-click the target, and a window added to favorites appears. Do not release or move the right button. Instead, use the TAB key of the keyboard, move the focus to the cancel button, and press the Space key, then the window disappears and the right-click menu appears again.

In the third case, you cannot right-click the hyperlink to bring up the "open in New window" menu. In this case, the above two methods cannot be cracked. Let's take a look at this trick: Right click on the hyperlink and a window will pop up. Do not release the right button. Press the Space key on the keyboard and the window disappears, in this case, the right-click button is released, and the right-click menu appears again. Select "open in New window.

In the fourth case, click the "source file" command in the "View" menu in the browser to view the html source code. However, if a webpage uses a framework, you can only see the code on the Framework page. This method is not feasible, we can also press Shift + F10 or press the key next to the Ctrl key on the right hand side of the keyboard to easily crack the above shielding of the right mouse.

In the fifth case, a new blocking method has recently been encountered on a webpage. Using the above methods is invalid. The key code is as follows:

Right-click the page that blocks the right-click, and a warning window appears. Do not release the right-click, and press ALT + F4 on the left-hand keyboard. The Prompt window is closed, right-click the mouse and no response is returned! I thought this was an amazing move! It's useless now! Since it can use javascript to restrict the right mouse, we should use javascript to crack it! Take a closer look at the above Code. The key is this sentence: "document. oncontextmenu = stop". If we can invalidate the "stop", will it be cracked successfully? Let's try it. The specific method is:

In the address bar of the browser, type "java_s: alert (document. oncontextmenu = '') (do not enter double quotation marks when entering), a dialog box will pop up, click" OK ", and then to your target (image or text) right-click and you will see the pop-up menu!

In the sixth case, the right-click lock on the webpage is implemented based on javascript! The following is a convenient method to crack it!
Enter void (document. body. oncontextmenu = null) in the URL)
Click the Enter key. The page does not respond! However, Right click to see if it can be opened!
The same principle can be used to crack the page's "anti-replication", "anti-selection", and other restrictions on the Yun rate? Br/> select: void (document. body. onselectstart = null)
Copy: void (document. body. oncopy = null)
Paste: void (document. body. onpaste = null)
Supplement: entry:
Void (document. body. oncontextmenu = function () {return false ;})
Right-click the lock again! The code for blocking right-click/prohibit copy is as follows:
<Script language = "JavaScript"> document. oncontextmenu = function () {return false ;}</scr ...... remaining full text>

How can I crack the website and prohibit right-click copying?

The simplest trick is to use a lot of informative online articles. The "copy" and "Paste" commands are often prohibited on webpages.

The solution is simple: click "Tools"> "internet Options"> "security" in IE to set the "internet" security level to the highest level, "OK" and then refresh the webpage. You can also click "file"-> send-> email page on the IE menu bar (you can pull the file as described in the wizard and click "Next" all the way ") then you can copy the content you want in the pop-up email window. When the security level is the highest, no controls or scripts can be run, and all powerful web page restrictions will be voided.
I am interested in it. The above method is indeed useful, but it does not work for some webpages because they do not use scripts to restrict us (as if the starting point is like this ), they added the following code on the webpage: Prohibit the left-click <body> 〉
Do not right-click <body oncontextmenu = self. event. returnvalue = false> 〉
Disable the left and right keys.
<Body oncontextmenu = self. event. returnvalue = false> 〉

The left and right keys are disabled and cannot be copied. Check the source files in the browser, search for codes such as oncontextmenu. false, and refresh them.
Currently, the Code to prohibit webpage copying is to add the following code to <body>:
Disable left-click <body> 〉
Do not right-click <body oncontextmenu = self. event. returnvalue = false> 〉
Disable the left and right keys.
<Body oncontextmenu = self. event. returnvalue = false> 〉
Previously, I used this solution to save the web page as a local page, and then edit the local page in Notepad. I can copy the content by removing the above Code.
Another interesting solution is to copy the following code to the address bar and press Enter. Then you can copy the current page. Javascript: alert (document. onselectstart = document. oncontextmenu = document. onmousedown = document. onkeydown = function () {return true ;});
Does the webpage prohibit copying? Use word to crack

Text on some web pages cannot be selected or copied in any way. Because copying is forbidden, if you want to get a text segment, you can use methods such as reducing the security level and viewing the source file to implement it, however, we can also use commonly used Word for easier and convenient retrieval.
Copy the webpage address, open Word, and click File/open. The open window is displayed. In "file name", Press "Ctrl + V" to paste the copied webpage address, and then click "open". Here, Word will automatically connect to the website (). Before opening the webpage, the message "Word does not have enough memory, which cannot be undone after this operation is completed. Continue ?" In the prompt window, click "yes", a new window is displayed, asking whether to trust the file source, and then click "yes", Word will automatically link to the corresponding server and open the webpage, then we can copy and paste the selected text. In addition, this method can also be used in WPS2005, which is very convenient to operate.

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