How much does it cost to build a personal website?

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In this era of Internet blowout, with many webmaster friends have played a personal blog site, and the most use of the program is probably the WordPress program and Weaving Dream CMS, not only more templates, but also the design of the style is very beautiful. Internet + ERA, owning a personal website is normal, so how much does it cost to create a personal website?

First, the price of the domain name (Western Digital for example)

. NET suffix domain name price: 70 Yuan 68 yuan/first year; top suffix domain price: 26 yuan 4 yuan/first year; club suffix domain price: 30 yuan 5 yuan/first year.

. Ltd Suffix Original Price: 98 Yuan 14 yuan/first year; art suffix domain name price: 88 Yuan 38 yuan/first year; shop suffix domain Price: 168 yuan 12 yuan/first year.

. cn suffix Domain name original price: 38 Yuan 28 yuan/first year; XYZ suffix domain name Price: 64 yuan 6.5 yuan/first year; VIP suffix domain name: 29 yuan 23 yuan/first year.

. biz suffix Domain 80 yuan/first year; site suffix domain name: 16 yuan 9 yuan/first year; Wang suffix domain name Price: 45 Yuan 15 yuan/first year.

. cc suffix Domain name original price: 78 Yuan 24 yuan/first year;. Info suffix Original price: 68 Yuan 18 yuan/first year; ren suffix domain name: 68 Yuan 33 yuan/first year.

. com suffix Domain name original price: 55 Yuan 54 yuan/first year; ink suffix domain name price: 28 Yuan 17 yuan/first year; pub suffix original price: 148 yuan 19 yuan/first year.

. site suffix Domain name original price: 16 Yuan 9 yuan/first year;. xyz suffix domain Price: 64 yuan 6.5 yuan/first year; link suffix domain name 53 yuan/first year.

. online suffix Domain name price: 16 Yuan 10 yuan/first year; shop suffix domain name: 168 yuan 12 yuan/first year; run suffix domain name Price: 98 Yuan 19 yuan/first year.

. cc suffix Domain name original price: 78 Yuan 24 yuan/first year; store suffix domain price: 298 yuan 9 yuan/first;. Kim suffix domain name: 26 Yuan 18 yuan/first year;

. suffix domain Price: 38 Yuan 28 yuan/first year;. tech suffix domain 17 yuan/first year.

These are some of the domestic domain name registration price, registered a domain name is about 4-68 yuan/first year, the first year the cheapest domain name 4 yuan, the highest domain name is only 68 yuan in the first year, the cost is very low, the total value does not exceed 100 yuan. But for the choice of the domain name, Liang Jia said or registered international domain name is more reliable, not only included good, but also will be favored by search engines, do not choose those less expensive domain names, because the new domain name is more popular, but that is the domain name vendors hype out, in fact, this domain name made out of the site, Search engines will not be grateful for this, the time period is relatively long, and the rankings are not good; Liang Jia said, in the domestic registration domain name, more reliable COM, cn, NET, org and other suffixes of the top-level domain name can be preferred, followed by CC, info, site, Wang class domain name. Otherwise, it is not advisable to register for the time being, although it is cheap, but it is not the best choice.

Second, the choice of virtual host

For the general personal website, the space is not too large, the web space needs can be controlled in 500w-1g, Liang Jia suggestions or choose the domestic virtual host, despite the filing trouble, but the domestic virtual host than Hong Kong virtual host, the United States virtual host, Japan virtual host access speed back faster. Of course, this is not absolute, there are a lot of web accelerator, but also free, and it is also good, this does not take into account the virtual host rental of the regional problem, now 1G of web space is enough for personal web site splurge, the price is about 188 yuan, really good, and the new user also free to send domain name it, But those domain names are garbage domain names, not recommended.

Third, the choice of personal website program

Personal website Program selection, weaving Dream cms is of course the best, second can consider WordPress program, zlog program, discuz!, Emlog and other programs are a good choice, these are free, each has its advantages, to do what the site, with what procedures, this look at their hobbies.

Iv. Personal Site template selection

Personal site templates, there are free templates and paid template two kinds, with free or paid template to see the quality of the template design, to say the template, the best is the WordPress program template, followed by the weaving Dream cms template more, but the Internet more than the pit, Many of the dream CMS free templates are incomplete, and the fee template is different price, how much to buy the template, full-screen personal hobbies, but those pay template design is really hot people satisfied. Template cost cost 50-150 yuan range, this price range template, has been very good.

V. Personal website Filing fee

Now registered in the domestic domain name, the purchase of domestic virtual host, must be filed and real-name certification, the record fee is generally 30 yuan, the fastest two or three days can pass, the slowest time one months. As long as your information is written first-hand, it can be passed quickly and vice versa.

Filing Materials

Personal record: Verification form, commitment letter, photo, ID card

Enterprise Record: Nuclear inspection list, commitment, photo, ID card, business license

So the cost of building a personal website is as follows

Domain Name 4 yuan + virtual Host 188 Yuan + record 30 Yuan = 222 Yuan,

Domain name 68 yuan + Virtual Host 188 Yuan + template 100 Yuan + record 30 Yuan = 386 yuan

The above data show that the normal cost of building a website is about 222 yuan-386 yuan in this price range. Another is that many domain name service associations in large-scale festival activities, for the new user registration will bring some concessions, Liang Jia suggestions can be in these activities when the registration of domain names, preferential conditions can be.

How much does it cost to build a personal website?

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