How NTFS for Mac quickly and securely passes files

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We all know that NTFS for Mac is specifically to solve the problem of Mac incompatibility development software, in order to meet the rapid development of the times, our NTFS for Mac is also evolving, now NTFS for Mac has been updated to NTFS for MAC12.NTFS for Mac can read and write data to any Windows NTFS partition. The ability to quickly and securely deliver files is like a translation machine that easily and rapidly solves data transfer between Windows and Mac computers. So how does NTFS for MAC deliver files quickly and securely?

Open Software > Transfer data

Figure one: Using the interface

The NTFS for Mac is very fast to use, achieves the native driver speed, and is the first solution to support the Yosemite system. It provides a non-blocking exchange of data between Windows and Macs, even under high load. You're under the Mac to access the Windows partition so naturally that you forget what's actually working. is not very heart, that quickly action. Just go to the NTFS for Mac website to download it.

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How NTFS for Mac quickly and securely passes files

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