How PHP prevents users from uploading adult photos or nude photos

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Text: How PHP prevents users from uploading adult photos or nude photos

In this tutorial, we will learn how to prevent users from uploading adult photos or nude photos via PHP.

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I stumbled upon a very useful that was developed by Bakr Alsharif to help developers detect nude photos of pictures based on their skin pixels.

It analyzes the colors used in different parts of a picture and determines whether they match the color tones of the human skin.

As a result of the analysis, he returns a score that reflects the likelihood that the image will contain nudity.

In addition, he can output images that have been analyzed, which mark the pixels of the skin color using a given color.

Currently it can analyze png,gif and JPEG images.


The following shows how to use this PHP class.

Let's start with a nf.php file containing a nude filter.

1 include (‘nf.php‘);

Next, create a new class called ImageFilter, and then put it in a variable called $filter.

1 $filternewImageFilter;

Gets the image's score and puts it into a $score variable.

1 $score$filter-> GetScore($_FILES[‘img‘][‘tmp_name‘]);

If the image score is greater than or equal to 60%, then a message is displayed.

123 if($score>= 60){/*Message*/}

Here is all the PHP code:

123456789101112131415161718 <?php/*Include the Nudity Filter file*/include(‘nf.php‘);/*Create a new class called $filter*/$filternewImageFilter;/*Get the score of the image*/$score$filter-> GetScore($_FILES[‘img‘][‘tmp_name‘]);/*If the $score variable is set*/if(isset($score)) {    /*If the image contains nudity, display image score and message. Score value if more than 60%, it is considered an adult image.*/    if($score>= 60) {        echo"Image scored "$score"%, It seems that you have uploaded a nude picture.";    /*If the image doesn‘t contain nudity*/    elseif($score< 0) {        echo"Congratulations, you have uploaded an non-nude image.";    }}?>
Markup language

We can upload images using a basic HTML form.

12345 <form method= "POST"  enctype= "Multipart/form-data"  action= "<?php echo  $SERVER [' php_self '];? >  " > UPLOAD&NBSP;IMAGE:&NBSP; Code class= "PHP plain" ><input type=   name= "img"  id= "img"  /> <input type= "submit"  value= "sumit  Image "  /> </FORM>

Please remember that PHP is not able to detect all nude images, so it is not fully trusted. I hope you think it's a little useful.

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How PHP prevents users from uploading adult photos or nude photos

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