How to build a PHP development environment

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Configuration of PHP

1. Open the extracted C:\Program files (x86) \php-5.3.5 folder

1 将php.ini-development文件并更改名称为php.ini(留个备份,好习惯)

2. Find Extension_dir

1 更改为extension_dir = "C:\Program Files (x86)\php-5.3.5\ext"

3. Find Default_charset

1 更改为default_charset ="utf-8"

4. Remove the semicolon annotations from the front of these extension

123456 extension=php_gd2.dllextension=php_imap.dllextension=php_mbstring.dllextension=php_exif.dllextension=php_mysql.dllextension=php_mysqli.dll

5. Find Date.timezone

1 更改为date.timezone = PRC

Configuration of Apache httpd.conf

1, LoadModule Php5_module

12 LoadModule php5_module "C:\Program Files (x86)\php-5.3.5\php5apache2_2.dll"(注意php5apache2_2.dll名称要与C:\Program Files (x86)\php-5.3.5的php5apache2_2.dll名称统一)PHPIniDir "C:\Program Files (x86)\php-5.3.5"(此为php-5.3.5的解压目录)

2. Find AddType

1 添加AddType application/x-httpd-php.php

3. Change here to

123 <IfModule dir_module>    DirectoryIndex index.html index.php</IfModule>


Locate the project root that the Apache server DocumentRoot points to htdocs new index.php file

and add code

123 <?php    echophpinfo();?>


How to build a PHP development environment

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