How to choose a host that is more conducive to website building and optimization

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Host to the site optimization of the impact is obvious, on the one hand is reflected in the performance of the host is good or not, will often crash, access speed is not fast, open a webpage need how long, is not support for the site log read and write, support URL rewrite operation; on the other hand, embodied in the previous history of the host, the host, Other sites are what type, there is no banned content, appear on the site, the host is punished on the site more and so on. Here is the specific analysis, the establishment of the site, should choose what kind of host. A perfect host, the importance of ranking the site.

Choose what kind of host?

key One, the host's IP or the entire server has been punished

Analysis: An IP or the entire server on all sites, are the search engine penalty phenomenon, relatively rare. Baidu Lee before the speech, also said that Baidu will not because of an IP on some websites cheat, and to punish all the site.

Under normal circumstances, do station group or other black Hat method webmaster, will rent the entire server, all the site, are placed on the same server, will lead to, the entire server site, are punished.

A lot of webmasters, are the site built on the virtual server. In fact, in terms of efficiency and performance, the performance of the virtual host, and other such as VPS, such as the same, the search engine will not discriminate, the use of virtual host site, and cheap, for the budget is not very large stationmaster, is not a good choice.

Point two, whether the server settings are search engine friendly

Analysis: There are some host of the beginning of the setting is forbidden search engine spider crawling, and for ordinary users have no effect; there is a problem with the server's 404 error message, the page does not exist, the user sees the 404 error message page, but the server returned the status code is 200, This causes the search engine to think the website, has a lot of duplicate content.

For these issues, the webmaster needs to check the website log after the website is established, in order to find the problem.

important third, the stability of the server

Analysis: Select the host, this is a very important factor, a server without stability, if the Zooey problem, the site can not open, or even the crash, and so on, not only the user experience, in the search engine performance, will be very poor, and sometimes, may lead to a thorough site punishment. Because if the search engine spider, often can not crawl the site, it will think that the site has been closed, reduce the number of crawls, until completely do not come. So, how to judge a good server, stability is the key.

key Four, the host's access speed

Analysis: The impact of host access speed on the site can be divided into two levels.
The first one is that the user experience is poor. After users enter the website, if the access speed is too slow, after more than 10 seconds to open a website, then the user will not have so much patience to wait, just jump out, return search results, revisit another site. If the site bounce rate, stay time, access to the page, etc., can affect the ranking of user behavior, have failed. Users do not like, will inevitably lead to search engines do not like.
The other is that it affects the crawl efficiency of search engines. Spider crawling and the average user's access speed is the same, if a website is too slow to access, will affect the search engine crawling efficiency of the entire site, affecting the crawling depth of the site, resulting in the site is not comprehensive.

key Five, whether URL rewriting is supported

Analysis: Now the site is based on the CMS system, and then according to different types of website, customized. But all the page data of the website is driven by the database, so the dynamic URL is changed to pseudo-static, which is an essential work in the process of website optimization.

To support URL rewriting, the LAMP (linux+apache+mysql+php) host needs to install the Mod_rewrite module, and the Windeows host needs to install the ISAPI

Rewrite module. In short, a good host needs to be considered from the user experience, and to search engine friendly, two levels to consider. Choose what kind of server will be the overall optimization of the site, resulting in congenital effects.

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