How to create a Web calendar table?

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Chunfeng. asp

'This page shows what has been arranged,And the link at the bottom can be turned around by month.

'This Code contains the functions used to obtain data connections.,If the data source changes,The connection information needs to be edited at only one location.(Servers, users, and passwords).

<@ LANGUAGE = "VBscript"



'The header contains the files used to start all pages.,Including global functions.

Option Explicit

Response. Buffer = True

Response. Expires = 0

Sub Dochunfeng (strtitle)




   <META HTTP-EQUIV = "Content-Type" CONTENT = "text/html; charset = gb2312">

   <Title> Galaxy video's elite schedule <% = Strtitle %> </Title>


   <Body bgcolor = "white" link = "blue" alink = "blue" vlink = "blue">

   <Basefont face = "Verdana, Arial">

   <Center> <H1> My schedule </H1>

   <H3> <% = Strtitle %> </H3>


'Create a database connection.

End sub

'CallConnectionObjectExecuteMethod,Input the text string of the command to be executed,Once a record set is available,Loop in it.

Function GetDataConnection ()

Dim oConn, strConn

Set oConn = Server. CreateObject ("ADODB. Connection ")

StrConn = "Provider = SQLOLEDB; Data Source = adspm; Initial Catalog = TeamWeb ;"

StrConn = strConn & "User Id = TeamWeb; Password = x"

OConn. Open strConn

'As a result,UseSetCommand to send a new connection.

Set GetDataConnection = oConn

End function



Calendar. SQL

--CreateSQLServer.You only need to save a text string indicating the event nature(The maximum value is100Characters)You can..

--Create a table

Create table Schedule


IdSchedule smallint identity primary key,

DtDate smalldatetime not null,

VcEvent varchar (100) not null



--Stored Procedure

Create procedure GetSchedule (@ nMonth tinyint, @ nYear smallint)


Select idSchedule, convert (varchar, datepart (dd, dtDate) 'nday', vcEvent

From Schedule

Where datepart (yy, dtDate) = @ nYear and datepart (mm, dtDate) = @ nMonth

Order by datepart (dd, dtDate)


Create procedure AddEvent (@ vcDate varchar (20), @ vcEvent varchar (100 ))


Insert Schedule

Select @ vcDate, @ vcEvent


Create procedure DeleteEvent (@ idSchedule smallint)


Delete Schedule where idSchedule = @ idSchedule



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