How to customize your Linux operating system environment

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& Nbsp; changing the following SHELL files can make your linux environment full of personality:/etc/bashrc? Bashshell system-level default functions and aliases. you can modify PS1 to change the color, content, and method of the shell prompt. /Etc/profile? Bashshell system-level default values, including system-level loops  

Change the following SHELL file to make your linux environment full of personality:

/Etc/bashrc? Bash shell system-level default functions and aliases. modify PS1 to change the color, content, and method of the shell prompt.

/Etc/profile? Bash shell system-level default value, including system-level environment variables.

/Etc/passwd? Password and other information. The Root user can directly modify it, but we recommend that you use the configuration tool to modify it, such as the passwd command. A corrupted/etc/passwd can easily make a Linux system unavailable.

/Etc/shadow? Contains the "shadow" information of the passwd file. For example, information that should not be viewed by everyone.

/Etc/group? Similar to the/etc/passwd file, but about the user group.

/Etc/crontab? Set "cron" to periodically execute commands (in hours, days, weeks, and years ).

/Etc/initab? You can change the number of terminals by running different programs and processes at system startup.

/Etc/issue? Information that appears along with the logon prompt. It is often overwritten by rc. local scripts.

/Etc/ Same as above, but used for network login.

/Etc/motd? The "Message of the day" file is displayed after the user logs on.

/Etc/rc. d/rc. local? The last script executed when the system starts. I put commands for customizing my local machine at the end of this file. Its function is similar to DOS's "autoexec. bat ".

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