How to do career planning for website domain name person

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Domain name This industry, said big, but can not say it is small, because the entire internet is from the domain name begins. Both ordinary investors and practitioners in this industry face a problem: The domain name industry is too narrow! As a domain name industry, have we considered our career planning?

So, we are "domain name is a subdivision of the industry, what do you think of the professional development of domain name practitioners?" "This question, interviewed the inner circle some bosses, the senior big guy, the enterprise high level." Hope that from a different point of view we are engaged in the work, instead, hope that these "brick" point of view can bring you some inspiration and thinking.

Because my main business in the past few years is the intermediary brokerage this piece, so first tell me some of my own experience and sentiment.

Domain name industry in fact, with the traditional industry is not too much, do business or start from the exercise itself, first familiar with the domain name, as familiar with their own production of products, the domain name of the basic knowledge to play well. Then cultivate the network, business is a person, after the basic knowledge solid, start marketing themselves, let more people know you know you and willing to buy and sell domain names through you.

I and all the agents in the company stressed that in the future to let investors think of gold auction, not only the light will think of my husband and Joe, but also think of you. Finally is the service and the details, at any time, the service of word of mouth are the most important, can let more people find you do service, see your details have not done in place.

So my advice to everyone is divided into three stages:

1, the Domain name Foundation knowledge accumulates

Domain name basic knowledge of the precipitation, market control, the history of the domain name, well-known character stories, understand every platform in the industry, every well-known domain name investors experience, each domain name of past life, so that the enemy can victorious. Second, the latest developments in the Internet at home and abroad, but also to understand, in the exchange with customers, can have more topics to chat.

2, marketing themselves, expand network

After practicing good internal strength, will start to walk the lake, the company gave you a huge stage, your task is to stand in the middle of the stage, become the focus of attention.

3, attention to detail, intentions service

Domain name is a very pay attention to the business, if you can do the customer only recognize your platform or even only you, the details and service is the weight of the decision. Treat each client as a friend and be honest.

Can do above three points, presumably you are the top talent in this industry, your income is enough to support your dream. Life needs constant learning to enrich themselves, each stage to set a goal for themselves, and strive to achieve it. Always keep a positive attitude, at any time to meet the unexpected challenges in life, facing the difficulties, to know the more easy road, are downhill.

The above is a personal point of view, not representative of the public.

How to do career planning for website domain name person

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