How to find work on iOS

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Now in late July, close to August, from late June from the school graduated from Guangzhou also one months, the work also looked for one months, but is the initial interview a few recruit interns, to the present resume is like a sink, no audio, there is a response is "do not need to match" the three cold words, Suddenly feel the heart really very painful. I also constantly reflect on themselves, is not my resume written bad? Yes! Is it my knowledge that is not well stocked? Yes!

My resume I write is fresh graduates, did not write work experience, because I was the first semester of the University of iOS, because of the school, so did not enter the company internship, this is a mishap. I wrote the project experience, indeed I have done projects, on-line over a project: "Fashion trend Movement", the use of their own openfire to build a server, the implementation of XMPP even communication, can transfer text and pictures; using Sina Weibo open platform, did micro-BO project, realized the home display, micro-blog send function, is also being perfected in the present. The entire resume, a look will know is the new iOS. I vote every day, dozens of a day, looking forward to the day a company called, shouting me to interview. Unfortunately no!!! The reply of the hook is "does not match", heard the hook on the manager, the director of the figures, new people generally do not come to the discernment, in addition to special excellent fresh graduates. Unfortunately I am not!!! Wisdom linked on the resume, have HR to see, resume status bar show on my intention, see my contact, I still hope waiting for the interview phone. Unfortunately not to wait!!! Because I am not a good graduate. Because I don't have enough work experience. Because my resume is not good enough to be written by others. Because someone else has a better person.

My friend asked me about my job search, I said I hadn't found it, there was no interview. My friend know my situation, also probably understand this market, I also know this market, now a lot of resumes to write work for a year no interview opportunity, besides I this fresh graduates? So my friend advised me to revise my resume in the working life, said a lot of training out of the students, others have written work experience 1-2 years, and then people find work. I have not changed so far, I will not lie, perhaps this is why I have not found a job so far! I feel this is really stupid and stupid.

Resume, and continue to learn, Gcd,socket, database, UI framework, learning ...

How I hope to find an internship opportunity, do not have to blow their own how great, do not round all kinds of lies! But as a newcomer, I am now very tired ...



How to find work on iOS

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