How to draw multiple curves with D3 step by step and draw curves with D3 step by step

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How to draw multiple curves with D3 step by step and draw curves with D3 step by step
Bar Chart:
This is the basic form of a bar chart.
Axis is a number Axis;
Tickets is the ruler on the number axis. The second tickets parameter % can display the percentage of [0, 1;
RangeRoundBands is divided by interval on [0, width], which is suitable for the column chart. rangePoints is divided by point on [0, width;
Transform is the number of transformed coordinates relative to the parent node;
The function type is executed before the load tsv file, and the program is asynchronous.

Bar Chart III:
The final and simplest form of the bar chart given by tutorial.

Tick Format:
In the demonstration of the number axis tickets method, it is found that after the first tickets parameter (hitting on the number axis) is passed in, the number of points (line) on the number axis is only related to the input parameter.

Log Axis:
Log format. The first parameter of tickSize indicates the line length on the number axis.

Ggplot2-Style Axis:
The special number axis shows different css styles for single and double numbers in line on the number axis.

Line Chart:
Horizontal Axis date, vertical axis price, draw a curve.
D3.time. format, d3.time. scale two time-related objects.
The most important thing is the d3.svg. line function. You can add the d attribute to the path to draw a curve.

Multi-Series Line Chart:
Horizontal Axis date, vertical axis temperature, draw temperature comparison curves of different cities.
D3.scale. category10 to distinguish different colors;
Interpolate adds some modifications to the drawn curve;
The difference between tricky and tricky is that cities are reprocessed for data, so that different curves can be drawn in batches.

D3 examples are given to read data from tsv, and in reality we usually use ajax to read background data:
How to use lines, bar charts and other ways to express Multi-Series Chart:

API for search:

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