How to encrypt a mobile hard drive

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How to encrypt a mobile hard drive     with the advent of the era of big data and the gradual popularization of office paperless, The data security of mobile storage has become one of the most important issues in the past, such as the fact that storage devices such as mobile hard drives are leaking and spread on the internet. In particular, the recent incident frequency newspapers enterprise leaks and all kinds of "door events" for enterprises and individuals sounded the alarm of information security. Mobile hard disk has a USB flash drive can not have a large capacity, but also the portability of the U disk, many friends will choose to move the hard disk to facilitate the large-capacity data of mobile storage and backup. However, in recent years, there have been numerous leaks of mobile hard disk, how to protect the security of mobile hard disk is our common concern. The developer of the secret file encryption software today describes how to encrypt the hard drive with a professional mobile hard disk encryption software.

First we want to download the installation folder encryption software , no tools to talk about operation, software in the major third-party download stations have resources, So as long as Baidu "secret file encryption Software" will come out a lot, choose one of their own trust to download is the software download installation is very simple, do not need any professional knowledge, read the download instructions will operate, according to the instructions to operate on a good.

Lightning encryption: Instantly encrypt folders on your computer or on a removable hard drive, no size limit, prevent copying, copying, and deletion after encryption, and unaffected by the system, even if the encrypted folder remains encrypted in the reload, Ghost Restore, DOS, and secure mode.

Hide encryption: Instantly hide your folders, with the same encryption speed and effect as lightning encryption.

Lightning and hidden encryption are primarily for folders that are not very important and are larger than others. It is characterized by encryption, decryption Speed Express, and no additional disk space, but also to prevent deletion, replication.

Full encryption: All files in a folder are encrypted at once, which one you need to open for easy and secure use. If you need to decrypt all the files in the folder, simply right-click on this folder, choose to decrypt the full encrypted folder, then enter the correct password, click the Decrypt button.

Software has four kinds of encryption mode, according to their own needs to choose the way of encryption, the operation of the software is extremely simple, according to the instructions to operate must not be wrong, in this small part is no longer elaborate, download good software will naturally.

How to encrypt a removable hard disk

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