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How to learn Linux commands and tools how to learn Linux commands and tools? I believe this is a headache for many Linux beginners and enthusiasts. it is also a problem I have been thinking about. Because I also hope to learn how to use Linux more easily... information &
How to learn Linux commands and tools how to learn Linux commands and tools? I believe this is a headache for many Linux beginners and enthusiasts. it is also a problem I have been thinking about. Because I also hope to learn Linux commands and tools more easily. The following are some of my thoughts. 0. install a Linux version. although a tool similar to cygwin is provided in Windows to simulate Unix environments and utilities, isn't it better to taste the original flavor? The most important thing is to have a real atmosphere. 1. abandon mystery and fear.. linux commands are just a reliable small program used to accomplish a specific purpose. B. linux Commands provide a variety of options to control their behavior to produce a variety of effects and flexibility. However, there are not many common options to be mastered. in short, you need to know two things: what it is used for, and what common options are available and applicable. In the initial stage, you do not have to be greedy for perfection. 2. three must pass through a. English barrier. Good documentation and help information are written in English. Therefore, to pass the English language, at least to the level of proficiency in reading; as long as there is a high school English level and a Chinese-English Dictionary is enough; B. Understanding barriers. To learn Linux commands, you must understand their usage and usage. Sometimes, you need to study basic computer expertise to understand and use the meaning and use of the tool. c. mental retardation. Most Linux Commands provide N multiple options, which is often confusing. Therefore, be patient, careful, and calm. Explore with a spirit of exploration. If we can overcome the above obstacles and difficulties, we believe it will benefit a lot. Think of it as a challenge and an opportunity for progress. 3. several criteria. first, master the most commonly used commands and frequently used options. do not be greedy for perfection; master regular expressions; B. learn from simple commands with fewer options and gradually complicate them. of course, you can also conquer the most difficult ones first. c. every day, a command persists. d. related Command Association learning, such as which, whereis, type, locate, find. 4. several tips. man, info, -- help,-h See help information; B. man-k keyword; apropos keyword View related commands based on keywords; c. use a text file; d. good at breaking down tasks into several simple subtasks. e. master pipelines and IO redirection; 5. command learning steps S1: man cmd or cmd -- help first understand its basic purpose; S2: read its options, practice them, and understand the meaning of the options; Try to figure out why the author wants to design these options; S3: think about what needs and applicable scenarios are most commonly used for their purposes; S4: Use this command (or combine other commands) solve the problem; 6. find a good reference book and recommend "Shell script Learning Guide". This book is very practical. it is not based on the syntax, from the very beginning focused on common LINUX standard tools and script writing skills. It is recommended that you first find a simple Getting started book and read this book. it is suitable for users who have a thorough understanding of Shell and hope to systematically learn and use Shell. I think it is really cost-effective to buy this book.
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