How to make a simple Web page with text? Create a simple Web page example with Notepad

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Make a Web page with text Many people will do, but still some people have tried to use text to do the Web page, today's article explains how to make a simple web page effect with text, do Web pages need a lot of tags, the article introduced several of the most commonly used tags and gave. We are interested to see this article since

First, let's look at how to make a simple Web page:

1. Right-click on the computer desktop-new-text document, then a document on the desktop:

2. Now double-click Open this text document and write something in it:

Wrote a Hello world! in there. , but how do you make it appear in the web? We continue to look;

3. Change the suffix name of the text document from TXT to HTML:

How, now that our page is basically good, let's take a look at the effect:

See, now on the Web page, this is the most basic page.

4. Now that our basic operation is complete, let's look at the code inside:

Of course, we do this is not standard, the specification is to add a lot of code and then to write things wrapped up. We're just making it clear to everyone what these labels mean. We now look at the text inside and nothing, we save it to the browser to see the effect:

This is the effect, we show in the code H1 tag and the difference in the page display is quite large, in fact, H1 label it is only used as a title, conducive to search engine searches. In a Web page usually has a H1 tag is enough, many will not facilitate the search. Text labels and label labels are quite different, and text labels are usually used with <p> tags.

5. Now that we see the title tag and the text label, let's look at the usage of the other tags:

Now we have introduced two tags, one is the bold label, the other is to enlarge the tag, let's look at the effect shown in the browser:

This is, as we can see, the text in the B tag becomes bold style, and there is a normal text in the middle, so that our display effect is a bit more obvious. There's a big tag behind it, which is a label that enlarges the element, which can be a larger font size than the text in the same element. It should be obvious to see.

This is the basis of the use of text, this is the entire content of this article, want to see more knowledge, to the Topic.alibabacloud.comHTML Study manual column to learn. Students who have problems can ask questions below.

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