How to get started with java? (Java 20 anniversary), java getting started java 20

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How to get started with java? (Java 20 anniversary), java getting started java 20

It has been six months since I learned programming by myself. I learned some basic programming knowledge from getting started with c. I want to develop a more practical application and I want to learn more about MFC and Windows APIs, I did not expect the Difficulty coefficient to be quite high, and the portability of these two languages is not very good. I have been learning Java for six weeks since the teacher recommended it, I really feel that java is so powerful that it is more portable than other languages, so I have never given up learning java. Now I can write the code of a Notepad program by myself, A Simple Password Manager program is being developed this week.

Looking back at the difficulties encountered in the past, I have never been able to get started with c and MFC. After learning java, I feel like I am getting started. Because of my love for java, I insist on writing java code every day, and write about 200 lines every day. I know this is really a disdain for Daniel, but I am not ashamed of it, because I basically use my free time every day to think about and write java code. Because I don't want anyone who has just started programming to be In the confused phase before, I will write this article to help you get started.

I do not agree that I want to learn c as a process-oriented language or a language with many features such as c ++ at the beginning. I think java is suitable for beginners. First, it is because java is the most widely used language at present, and second, it is because java is an object-oriented language. Learning java allows beginners to have an object-oriented approach. This is very important. If you begin to learn c, a process-oriented language, and have been immersed in it, you will encounter difficulties in transforming Object-oriented thinking.

Programming is a technology. Many people know that they do not write much on their own by reading books and writing according to the code in the books. I admit that I did this before I learned java. In fact, you have to write the program by yourself. You have to think about what functions you want and what to use. If you do not understand the API, check the API. After writing the API, debug the API by yourself. This will help you get started when you write more. Of course, you also need to read more code and learn people's programming ideas.

Speaking of writing code by yourself, you have to ask questions. You can't ask questions if you have any mistakes, or you can't solve any problems. The csdn forum is a good place to ask questions. I have several questions that you can solve in the Forum. Thank you very much. Many foreign websites, such as Srack Overflow, are also good, but there are too many restrictions and test their skills in English. We do not recommend new users to these websites. When you ask a question, you should also be careful not to pile up all the code. Everyone is very busy. No one will show you too long code for free. You should first determine the code block in which the problem lies, and only paste this code. When you have a lot of questions, you can introduce each question to the code block and then ask them one by one.

To learn how much programming we should also learn UML and other modeling languages to help us clarify our ideas. Otherwise, you can write the code as soon as you write it. The code is very smelly and difficult to maintain. Unless you refactor the code, I believe it will not be easy to refactor it at the beginning. At present, I am studying UML by myself, and I feel very helpful.

Remind everyone to learn English well. If you are not good at English, it is a headache to go to programming websites outside China. I am not very good at English. Now I want to learn UML from the English version. The mobile phone screen is usually on, just to find out what a word means. Of course it would be nice to see more. After all, there are still a lot of repeated words.

The above is what I learned about programming for half a year. I would like to dedicate it to programmers who were confused just a few months ago.

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