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Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information-the core path for installing a Linux operating system. For more information, see the following section. Today is relatively late, and it is much more tiring than yesterday. from yesterday's plan, today is probably a battle of QN, but things are not as smooth as imagined. I encountered a problem when installing fedora9 last night. I used a virtual machine to install it. I found that I could not find the hard disk when installing and searching for partitions. I searched for the hard disk type on the network, after modification, it passes smoothly (You must select customization when setting the virtual machine, and then select IDE ). So I was excited to install it later. After selecting the file package to be installed, I was prompted that the disk space was insufficient. After I thought about it for a long time, I did not bypass the bend and searched for it on baidu, however, I still cannot find a reasonable explanation. Maybe there are many reasons for the problem. I spoke to Wu Jun about it at and asked this question, he said that space allocation may be a problem. I think we used to have a red hat and we had to have three or four Gbit/s. Now we have allocated four Gbit/s, what I don't understand is that the virtual file is only 900 MB. How can I prompt that the virtual file is insufficient? We recommend that you separate the virtual files at one time. This is relatively simple. I thought it was actually done in the past, the house will be occupied after the score is completed.

After coming this morning, I continued to install fedora9 with a fixed 8 GB, which means I learned from the network that fedora9 should have at least five GB, and I had to have six or seven GB QN, so I divide it into 8 GB. As a result, there was no prompt about insufficient space, which was relatively simple to follow. After more than 1200 software packages were installed (automatically), they successfully entered the system.

After entering, I have to solve the following problems:
1. Linux Internet access
2. Resolution Adjustment
3. Linux mounting on hard disks and USB flash drives
4. Questions about the ora Chinese Input Method
5. Install common pdf and rar files

I felt it would be easier to find it on the Internet. As a result, I came back from lunch until half past three, and only solved 1 and 4. As for 3, it was relatively simple, but my hard disk was ntfs, instead of fat, I Can't (mainly because I always thought my DE was fat ). The second is the old problem. This time, the display effect has been improved and can be used. I analyzed that I did not install the corresponding linux version of the graphics card driver, so high resolution is not supported. As for the software, it was close to a crash and I was not in the mood to look at it again.

However, it was good to have a complete installation system experience, so I took a look at the classic paper XORs in the first half of the air after meals, able to understand (I feel I have never been white today ). Then I chatted with a senior engineer (familiar with QN), gave me a lot of valuable comments, and told me that maybe fedora9 is too advanced, c version does not know how to do it, I did not hesitate to delete fedora9, because it was easier to settle down, mainly because there was no space. At present, we plan to install CentOS 4.6 (it is said that there must be no problem), but the problem is that I don't have this system, twt still cannot come down, and Hai Tao borrowed a red hat from his classmates. After re-modifying the file system and adjusting the partition, I found that the Red Hat version is the 2.4 kernel instead of the mainstream 2.6 kernel, so I did not dare to install it again, however, I cannot install it today. If I can download CentOS tomorrow, I will install it. Otherwise, the former will be installed. After all, red hat is a classic system.
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