How to install multiple MySQL on Windows

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This article is to avoid the installation version of MySQL (without installer) as an example of how to install multiple MySQL on Windows to explain.

Install-free version of MySQL (without installer) with the filename of the installation package similar to Because it contains all the files except the Configuration Wizard in the full installation package, you need to manually install and configure the MySQL configuration file (My.ini).

The specific steps for installing multiple MySQL on Windows are as follows:

(i) Install MySQL 5.1

1, MySQL free installation version of the download address


File format:

Before you install, download the two files and

Since MySQL has been upgraded, when you read this article, you may have provided a new official version of the download on its official website, so please go to the MySQL download page the most current available version.

In addition, during the download process, you will be prompted to register as a network user, this is a very short process, it requires you to provide a valid email address. Of course, if you do not register, you can also skip this step, direct download can be.

2. Unzip and place to your desired directory

(It is recommended to place in a directory that contains no spaces, such as E:\mysql)

For convenience, modify the uncompressed folder name to MySQL and place it in the C:\mysql (because it is the default path in the configuration file). )

Unzip the downloaded to%mysql_home% (here%mysql_home% indicates the MySQL installation path, as I extract it to E:\dev\,

For convenience, modify the uncompressed folder name MySQL

-5.1.31). In addition, to facilitate future backup and upgrade, it is best to store the data directory in the installation file somewhere else. Here, I create a new directory "Mysql5.1data" in E disk, and then cut the "data" subdirectory under the "E:\dev\mysql-5.1.31" directory to the "E:\MySQL5.1Data" directory.

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