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Php+mysql+linux is now becoming a classic combination of small Web servers. Building and debugging a MySQL database in a Windows environment is a preferred choice for many Web developers. I am in the WINDOWS98 environment to learn MySQL, now the learning process and experience summed up for your reference.

1, download and decompression

2, run Setup.exe, choose D:\mysql, "tyical Install"

3, start MySQL, there are the following methods

Method one uses Winmysqladmin

1, into the D::\mysql\bin directory, run Winmysqladmin.exe, in the lower right corner of the screen in the taskbar will have a red symbol

2, the left mouse button click on the picture, select "Show Me", the "winmysqladmin" Operation interface; a dialog box appears in the middle of the first run that requires you to enter and set your username and password

3), select "My.ini Setup"

4), select "Mysqld-opt" (Win9x) or "mysqld-nt" in "Mysqld file" (WinNT)

5), select "Pick-up or edit My.ini values" To edit your My.ini file in the right window

6), choose "Save modification" to save your My.ini file

7, if you want to quickly use Winmysqladmin (automatically run on the boot), select "Create shortcut on Start menu"

8), test:

Enter the DOS interface:

Run MySQL in the D:\mysql\bin directory and enter the MySQL interactive interface

Enter show databases and return to the screen showing the current two database MySQL and test

Method Two does not use Winmysqladmin

1, under the DOS window, into the D:/mysql/bin directory

2) run under Win9x: mysqld

Run under NT: Mysqld-nt--standalone

3), since then, MySQL in the background to run

4), test MySQL: (under the D:/mysql/bin directory)

A), Mysqlshow normal when the existing two database MySQL and test

b), mysqlshow-u root mysql when normal display database MySQL in the five tables: Columns_priv,db,host,tables_priv,user

c), mysqladmin version status proc Displays the build number, status, process information, and so on

d), MySQL test entered the MySQL operation interface, the current database is test

5), MySQL shutdown method: mysqladmin-u root shutdown

4. At this point, MySQL has been successfully installed, then you can familiarize yourself with the common MySQL commands and create your own database.

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