How to install the video card driver on Rhel5client on the Hpv3000

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The video card of the AMD dual-core model is displayed as nvidiac51 in linux, and the graphic diago6150 in winxp. The driver of the rhel5client is used, and the screen is set to lcd1280x800, however, the display resolution is only 1024*768, and the circle turns to an elliptical shape. All the images are stretched and uncomfortable. Besides, the software simulates opengl and runs googleearth at a very slow speed without dual core. Decision

The hp v3000 (AMD dual-core) video card is nvidia c51 in linux and nvidia go 6150 in winxp. Use the driver provided by rhel5 client, the screen is set to LCD 1280x800, but the display resolution is only 1024*768. The circle is changed to an elliptical shape, and all the images are stretched. It is uncomfortable to use the software to simulate opengl, the speed of running google earth is very slow, and there is no feeling of dual-core.

Decide to manually install a graphics card driver. From the nvidia website up and down to 6 series of linux drivers (version 1.0-9755), the file name is, run the prompt to exit Xwindow (run level changed to 3, and reboot ), then, the system prompts that the driver cannot be installed on the kenrel running xen. The driver is installed on the rhel5 client. If the xen driver is not used, find and install 2.6.18-8 on the CD. el5 kernel package, which contains both the kernel file and the source code.

The corresponding driver is installed on the video card driver. The nvidia. ko module is installed in the/lib/modules/2.6.18-8. el5/kernel/drivers/directory. The installer automatically runs the nvidia-xconfig tool, automatically adjusts the Xwindow settings, changes the run level to 5, and then reboot. When Xwindow is started, nvidia's full screen logo is displayed, which is very beautiful. The Xwindow resolution is 1280x800, and all the display is very beautiful and fine. Thanks to the opengl drive, google earth runs very fast and is easy to use.

From the display settings, we can see that the video card type is nvidia-Vendor-supplied driver for nvidia cards.

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