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The reason JS gives people that feeling is mostly because of the following characteristics:

A: The knowledge itself is very abstract, obscure, such as: closures, built-in objects, DOM.

B: A lot of content, such as library, object library is a large pile.

C: Mix a variety of programming ideas.

It is not only involved in the idea of process-oriented programming, but also the object-oriented programming, and its object-oriented is not the same as other programming languages (such as: c++,java,php).

It's as if it's new, so you have doubts about the object that you've been learning about.

D: After hard study it seems to be out of touch with the actual application.

Usually after a long time of the JS Foundation, variables, functions, objects You are also knows, but one to the company development projects, but it is difficult to start.

Because companies in the development of actual projects are usually directly using its derivative library, such as: Jquery,angular,, Boostrap,amaze,layui,ueditor and so on, and these libraries are a plethora of, but also have their own difficulties.

Let you do not know which good to learn, or even doubt that you learn JS, as if there are multiple versions of JS, always learn not to finish ...

So, how to learn in the JS field of ease or even easy to do? I summed up some practical meaning of JS learning experience:

First, hold on to its position.

Time can not forget, otherwise it is easy to make "blinders not see Tarzan" error.

Do not learn a long time to know that JS is a programming language, is to write code, and features is the end of a mess, that is not learning JS.

To seize its position at all times, it is exactly the place in the entire Web: it is the core of the front-end, mainly used to manipulate and readjust the DOM, by modifying the DOM structure, so as to achieve the purpose of modifying the page effect.

To use this central idea to guide the follow-up of all JS learning, and to form a conditioned reflex.

To have a clear course of study

This can only be an experienced to provide you with reference.

My Learning route is as follows:

A:JS basic parts, such as: defining variables, functions, arrays, strings, etc., built-in functions, built-in objects, and so on.

B:JS oriented process programming ideas, encapsulating the various functions, try to do some common small functions, such as: tab, custom Multi-select button, custom player, 3D slide;

C:js object-oriented programming idea, try to encapsulate some of your own objects, provide a meaningful interface out;

D: Learn the above content, and then learn the common library, here must learn jquery;

E: Learn about common plugins based on jquery, such as: Bootstrap,layer, Rich text editor, etc.

F: Comprehensive application of the above multi-Library to write the actual project template, write several sets.

Pay attention to learning methods

My Learning method is summarized as follows:

A: Buy more than a few foreign JS books, do not buy the 20-day mastery of such books.

Otherwise you are difficult to learn, more afraid of is: Originally you buy a good book self-study 3 months may learn, they can toss you for two years ...

Book recommendation (for reference only)

The art of JavaScript DOM programming

The JavaScript authoritative guide

Advanced programming of JavaScript DOM

"JavaScript design mode"

"The sharp jquery."

Try to practice the features on the books many times, not once. The book read hundreds, its righteousness self-see.

B: Learning and understanding from multiple angles

Fully mobilize what you learn, from a multi-angle to do a certain function, such as: You are from a process-oriented perspective,

Now change from an object-oriented perspective, or continue to make a plug-in that you can use directly, providing properties, methods, and so forth. The ability to get you to do this gradually can be used in the actual project.

The benefits: Both the combination of what you learn and what it means to be practical.

C: Must not be ambitious

Do not let go of even small hands-on opportunities, such as making a tab.

Do not think that there is a similar or even better plug-ins do not need to write their own, knowledge is someone else's, not yours, even if you will use the technical skill level without any promotion.

You have to ask yourself more, what should I do if I have to do it?

D: Keep your feet on the ground and don't get out of the real

See now online has appeared the effect of a good function, let it to stimulate your enthusiasm for learning, as far as possible to learn the simulation, transfer your knowledge to the actual combination.

E: Multi-Write summary

This summary not only includes the source code, the display effect, but also the error and the corresponding solution and the final one or two sentences concise concluding statements.

Write to their own summary is not finished on the incident, to review, more improvement, more streamlined. To do the project, should be to see the inside of the one or two words will know what to say, and do not go to see the long-winded.

F: Building a knowledge map

This can make you learn more clearly, for example:, you can do whatever form you like, as long as you are impressed on the line.

Note: The knowledge map should also be revised and revised frequently to make it more reasonable and clearer.


A: Make full use of all means

Many people always feel the time is tight, there is no big time to study. I want to say that you will not learn, you should not just complain, but to use all means to learn, you know, not only reading is called learning.

When you sit calmly in a place, thinking about, summed up, you also called learning, whenever there is inspiration, can be recorded, such as: recorded on the phone, and so convenient to record in the special place. This is called learning.

B: Your insistence

To sink to the bottom of the heart. No overnight success, otherwise it is not success, can only be called "lucky".

Not only to honestly each function is to try to achieve, and to keep improving constantly to amend, the process is long, but also test whether a person is the standard of talent.

C: Pay attention to develop confidence

At this time, you are not suitable for one to see the very complex and dazzling web page effects of the source code, also do not fit to learn jquery,angular,vue,bootstrap these things.

This content contains a lot of esoteric knowledge inside, without any foundation of the situation directly to learn these, will seriously blow your confidence.

And at this time you are weak, you need to cultivate confidence, not the reverse, otherwise the outcome is likely to be "premature", away from the learning has become a distant.

D: Learn with a good learning

Stand on the shoulders of giants to see farther.

E: Don't waste your tools on the endless selection

JS has many editing tools, if not, it is recommended to use: sublime, or use hbuilder; Many of the company's technical staff use these, you directly use this also reduces communication problems with others.

I also use this, feel very good.


I feel JS learning "miscellaneous and disorderly" reason is because you are too "smart", the beginning of the tube is too wide, stake also calculated too fine.

The requirements are too perfect to bear the ability to fall in the heart, it is easy to appear "barrier." At this time, you should be "stupid" some, do not test Lee so long-term, "silly people have silly blessing", as long as good today is enough.

Some unreasonable learning methods and mentality also let you lose yourself: such as: Impatient Qi, above his business, ambitious, these will let you in the "mess" JS in front of the fog, can't extricate themselves.

At this point, you should reposition their position, re-understand JS, put down the burden, can easily go to the battle. Empty the cup first to fill the new water ...

In fact, JS is the core of the front end. The impact of more and more Internet + will be hungry for more and more JS talent, only experienced a truly unforgettable learning experience, to create a real elite to win the future.

How to learn JavaScript easily

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