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The first thing to explain is that we are not a master now, at most or a half bucket of water, is into the door JS.

Not to mention experience, are some of the lessons.

This time someone wants to say, "Rely on, you ya half bucket of water, why teach us". Don't scold me first, listen to me first.

If you ask a college student to teach elementary school math, it's not necessarily better than a junior high school teacher. Because college students have already passed that stage, have forgotten how to come over. And for junior high school students, just through that stage, how do you come to remember, or some of their own summary. For example, many experts think the Rhino book is a good introduction, they feel too simple, but in my experience, it is not the best choice for getting started.

First talk about the conditions of learning JS

On the condition, I am a liberal arts students, university professional business management, and computer wool relations are not; some people speak English, read four years of university, it is regrettable that we have not mixed up four levels, we have to learn the conditions of happy, you are still waiting for what.

Of course, Learning JS is also a threshold, is your HTML and CSS at least more proficient, you can not even this stuff is to do nothing to start on JS, learn multiplication and division before, learn to add and subtract is always beneficial harmless.

Say a few more words of advice

1, do not hurry to see some complex web page effect code, so in addition to the impact of your self-confidence, nothing to learn. Did not reach a certain level of martial arts, cut small JJ also learn not sunflower treasure.

2, do not rush to add technical Exchange QQ Group, add cattle qq. If you find Zhang Exchange martial arts, you go up to the first question "Fung brother, where is Hara?", you will be a palm of his hand to death.

3, see online What how many days proficient in JS, what what what from the introduction to proficient, this tutorial directly skip it, too many facts prove that with a impetuous mentality to do anything will fail to end.

4, do not go to get what computer training, spent money and time do not say, the key is to learn things. Originally you buy two good books self-study 3 months can learn, they can only toss you for two years.

Recommend some good books

"Super Mao, you blew half a day of cow B, still didn't say how to learn Ah"

Oh, I do not have any special method, just recommend a few good books. The recommended books must be read in sequence. Don't read the first book, hurry to the second, not every time "through" can be successful

The first stage: The Art of JavaScript DOM programming

Before reading this book, please make sure that you have a basic understanding of JavaScript, you should know if other syntax, if you do not understand, first look at my second stage of the "JavaScript Advanced Program Design," the first three chapters, remember to look at chapter three don't look down, back to the " The Book of JavaScript DOM programming art.

Learn JavaScript with "JavaScript DOM programming art" to get started the best but, honestly look at two times, after reading you will have a general understanding of JS, the whole book revolves around a Web page effect example unfold, you follow the honest knock a piece, after the knock, You will find that this effect is not often seen in the Web page, found that they can make the effect of online, hey, small have a sense of accomplishment.

The second stage: JavaScript Advanced programming

Some books are used to become classics, such as Rhino books, and some books are used to transcend classics, which is clearly the book. The book chapter Classic, from the middle to the bottom, the 6th chapter, about JS object-oriented commentary, no tutorial out of its right.

If there is a 100-point JS test, read "JavaScript DOM programming Art" can let you get 20 points, then after reading this book, you can get more than 60 points. After learning, you will achieve a sense of double, believe me (at least two times, recommend three, follow the book line of the code to knock).

This book is strongly recommended for purchase, it's so damn good, it's worth more than a hundredfold thousand times.

This book is the latest version of the third, looks like the previous days out, I see is the second edition, the third version of the second version of a small change, added a few chapters content, the price is currently about 10 yuan difference.

Next, congratulations you can go down the mountain, this time can do some things by yourself

You can go to Ferris this tutorial to see how he wrote these effects, look at the source code, how do you feel that a part is very simple, try to follow him to write about these effects.

Learning technology behind closed doors is not workable, appropriate plus one or two QQ group communication (pay attention to quality), often go to the forum, you will often have some small harvest.

Then there is to look at the predecessors of these cattle predecessors to share the article, it will make you learn with less effort, here is the enthusiastic people to collect some of the domestic cattle blog, personal site, point here.

The third stage: the JavaScript language pristine and high performance JavaScript

The next two books, "The JavaScript language pristine" and "high performance JavaScript" are added to the JS Advanced tutorial, there are some content and JS Advanced Tutorial repeated, two books can be seen at the same time, are not thick, can be learned in the previous to have a good strengthening and consolidation.

Stage four: "JavaScript dom advanced Programming" and "JavaScript design Patterns"

After a thorough reading of the previous book, the Order of the next two books is irrelevant, the JavaScript DOM Advanced Program (note is distinguished from the JavaScript Advanced programming) and the JavaScript design pattern, both of which are heavyweight books, Can let your JS technology on a new level, the two books the former main cultivation Wei Gong, the latter the main cultivation of internal strength, a bit like the great diversion and nine Yang martial art relationship.

The JavaScript Dom Advanced Program first teaches you to build a library of frontal tools like jquery, and then you can benefit beginners by explaining several examples of applications that are often encountered in practice.

"JavaScript design mode" Mainly talk about the design mode of JavaScript, to tell the truth, the quality of translation is very general, some blunt, but has not affected your study, see the code can fully understand their own meaning.

These two books have been out for some time and may not be bought:

JavaScript DOM Advanced Programming "JavaScript design pattern"

The last thing I want to say

Not easy, not impetuous. Any study is not an overnight, cow B is a learning accumulation process, do not expect two or three months, your level is very powerful. On the days of the dragon slaughter the martial arts in the most of the cattle B is Zhang, not Zhang Mowgli.

Any job requires a variety of skills, do not ignore the HTML, CSS and other knowledge learning.

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