How to make a search engine like your website

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Now we do the optimization of all know that the search engine changes too big, more difficult than last year to increase a lot. I see a lot of SEO friends are ever-changing in the site to do the promotion to do optimization, recently I found that Baidu 360 or like the traditional promotion method
Next I talk about my recent promotion ideas and ways to share to everyone.

1, establish a good access mechanism. As far as the search engine is concerned, the spider's grasping habit is relatively fixed, as a site, we will be like every meal, for their own website content to do a good job of updating, so that the spider timed to enjoy their own delicious meal. A normal person, morning work, noon dinner, afternoon work, evening rest, for office workers, we are very regular, and the spider is also a truth, want to spider crawl site high-quality content, it requires us to continue to provide more rich things for the site.

So, original high-quality articles how do we need to create? The quality of the article is not according to their own understanding to write, more time we have to stand on the sidelines, especially the customer's point of view to analyze and write, each of which is written attentively, the original nature is sure. But here the original content is not enough, your content consumers whether to pay, whether to approve, this is the second level of things, a site is a user favorite search engine is no reason to reject your site.

2, more use of high-weight links to enhance trust. Although this is a bit old growth talk, but because it is very important we still have to discuss, especially for the search engine spider program, in the process of crawling the link partner may immediately catch our site, a hero three help, a fence three piles. In the process of people and people to see the strength of friends is so strong, and as the site of the appropriate link partner is our site "friends." Let Baidu know that your site has been recognized by some sites. This will also improve the Baidu search engine to your recognition degree. Search engines recognize you, your site will naturally be more favored.

3, do not neglect the power of users. Users are the end of the site to face the object, and the user's recognition of the value of the site, or the site of the news value of the level of recognition, is directly reflected in the site data level, the user's stay time, access pages, the user's exit rate in a certain extent in the impact of our site rankings. Site visitors more, popular, indicating that you this site has been more and more users of the favor, these and search engine is the purpose of the same, so users of the value of the site is beyond doubt.

The above three points, is Renqiu website construction of the promoter today and everyone to share, the site optimization of those details can let our site grasp the user, to the user a like their site reason, is every seoer optimization process must face the problem, the site like our children, Every parent wants to have a promising child, and webmaster is the site's parents, to cultivate a favorite, everyone has a helpful site is our bounden duty. Article from Renqiu website production, reproduced please specify the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation. Http://

How to make a search engine like your website

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