How to make an inch, two-inch, six-inch photo. We don't have to go to the photo studio anymore.

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How to make an inch, two inches, six inches photos hope that we will no longer need to be anxious to use an inch of the trouble, their own production and then directly to the photo shop print on the line!

The first thing to know is the quantitative relationship:

6 inch =10.2cmx15.2cm

1 inch =2.5cmx3.5cm

2 inch =3.5cmx5.3cm

1. Open the photo you want to make

2. In the toolbar, point cutting tool (width: 2.5 cm, Height: 3.5 cm, resolution: 300 pixels), select the appropriate location in the photo, point property Bar (OK) (the following figure)

3. Point image one Canvas size: (width: 0.4 cm, Height: 0.4 cm, relative: √) point determine (as shown below)

The effect of the following figure:

4. Click "Edit"-"define image" to define cropped photos as patterns

5 Create a new canvas: Point file--New (width: 11.6 cm, Height: 7.8 cm, resolution 300 pixels/inch) (as shown below)

6. Point edit--fill: (Use custom pattern, select just save photo pattern) (as shown below)

Final effect:


Photo background: pure red r255g0b0 dark red r220g0b0 Blue: r60g140b220

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