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Because mobile site development is a new field, it is a challenge for most marketers, who are designing and building them. In any case, mobile website development also brings a lot of opportunities for your brand and creative display. As long as you keep in mind the needs of users first in the heart, loyal to your brand and adhere to some simple principles, you can immediately highlight the siege. The following 10,000 network will take you to see how to plan a mobile phoneWAPWeb site, I hope you have some help. Mobile website Content Planning If the column is the skeleton of the site, that content is the real core of the site, the web is beautiful and beautiful is important, but really can attract and retain customers is the content, so, the content of the organization and refinement has become the mobile phone site construction process is the most critical link, The unique content of the site can not only improve the user's viscosity, but also effectively improve the site in the search engine rankings, so as to attract more users, reasonable classification and description of your products, the sales of your company can not be measured, the site content update frequency is also a measure of the level of a website important indicators , WAN Network Professional web site planning team to provide you with the best content organization plan, make your website become a real value to the customer site, so as to maximize the benefits for you, beyond competing opponents!Mobile Site Column Planning site column is the most important part of the site, can be said to be the skeleton of the site, is the foundation of the content of the website, good column settings, can help users better understand and use the site, improve the user's stay time, thereby increasing business opportunities, reasonable column settings, Can better display the enterprise culture, core values, product information, solutions and other customer concerns. Mobile website Style planning mobile phone site style positioning is the starting point for the success of the site. Its importance should be given sufficient attention. The main factors that affect website style positioning include corporate culture, industry characteristics, product positioning, customer orientation, etc. After taking these factors into consideration,WAPWeb site designers, analysts and planners combine the style positioning of the website, the accuracy of style positioning is the key to the success of the site. The website style mainly includes:1, the site'sCI (logo, color, font, slogan) 2, layout3, browse ways4, interactivity5, web site features mobile website function Planning Mobile site function is the site can ultimately be used by users of the fundamental, different enterprises, the site has different functional requirements. According to your actual needs, we will develop the most personal technical solutions. Technical solutions mainly include the software environment and hardware environment of the website, including:1, mobile Website development language(ASP,. NET,PHP) 2, Database type(SQL Server,MYSQL,Access) 3, server type(virtual Hosting, server leasing, hosting, etc.)Does your website also have a large group of people who are rushing to surf the internet only on their mobile phones??when designing your first mobile website, you are likely to be limited to confusion. Of course it is very well understood that mobile website development is completely different from traditional websites. Because of this, it's best to remember some good practice cases before you start designing. A product network to provide professional mobile phone website production,WAPwebsite Development, mobile phoneAPPdevelopment, mobile phone software development and other services, as long as you publish mission requirements on the site, there will be millions of professional freelancers to serve you.

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