How to use app Studio to quickly customize your own Universal Windows app

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Before I introduced the app studio artifact to help you quickly make a Windows Phone 8 app, writing an article about App Studio today is because app studio has undergone several upgrades that have significantly improved and can call the system Universal Windows Apps ( Note: This refers to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps ) and Windows Phone 8.0 apps, and then I'll Introducing this upgraded Universal Windows App Studio

The point of using App Studio is that you have a good idea, but due to the constraints of time or technology, APP Studio can help you quickly build and publish a high-quality Universal Windows platform app with limited resources and time. And apps made with app Studio we can also get the source code to help us learn and upgrade more advanced features.

If you haven't used app studio yet, sign up as a developer of App Studio. Please refer to my previous article introduction, today I mainly introduce the updated app studio how to use, interested friends can join me to try to do an application.

Open the App Studio home page with ie:

First we start by clicking on Start new on the homepage to create a new project. (It takes only 4 steps to complete an application here, we take one step at a)

Click Start New and we'll see the Select Template page here we can choose a suitable template according to the type of application we want to do, for example, there are very rich template types, such as music video travel hobbies, and when we select a template, the page will have a preview of the page if you like we can choose to create This template will be used to create our app.

Then we need to set the content and name of our app, and on the first page we add up to six sections that we can edit for this six section.

APP Studio provides us with 7 base page data sources, which are most commonly used in RSS, HTML, and Bing.

RSS can be used to show some blogs, related channels, the content of some similar to the RSS reader function, you can do an RSS aggregator.

HTML is more flexible we can embed some HTML pages or code to customize the content inside.

In addition, there are two advanced features for the section, menu and Collection, respectively.

First of all, the Menu is a custom option page in addition to the above 7 basic pages can add a link to add a menuaction here include a variety of features such as access to HTTP/HTTPS/FTP links, call system functions call, map navigation, and send mail and other functions.

And then talking about collection, the data collection here can be divided into two types, static datasets and dynamic datasets. The so-called static data set is the final packaging of the resource files we display in the application, users need to download these resources to the phone once, the advantage is that as long as the app installed on the phone, you do not need to rely on network traffic to browse these resources. Dynamic resources means that we will show the resources to users in the cloud server and need the network to access these remote resources, but the advantage is that we can dynamically adjust the content at any time without having to deploy the application from the new one.

And when we import more data, APP Studio also supports the import of CSV files, that is, separating data content with semicolons (;) to automatically populate the data content.

Once we've set up the app content, we can choose the next step to set up the app's theme. Here we can choose the app to use the default light or dark theme, you can customize the app's background, background color, font color, and application bar color.

We can then set our app's tile icon effect and splash screen and lock screen interface on the Tile tab.

The Tile icon is actually the app icon that our app displays on the phone there are three options available here

Flip Template This icon has both sides, the system will automatically flip him, we can set a picture on both sides (or just set the front), as well as the text displayed.

Cycle Template This icon can always be automatically flipped, up to nine images of rotation, of course, we can also set up his data source.

iconic Template this icon will always show an icon in the top with the text display.

The settings for the splash screen and the lock screen picture are simple enough to upload the edited picture.

The rest is the best step to fill out the app's release information ( very important, if we want to upload the app to the App Store for the small partners to download use here must look well )

First you have to have a developer account for the Windows store, login to the dashboard and refer to my previous post windows/windows Phone 8 Sign up as a developer of the Windows Store app .1 reserved app name and app upload Note this is the first step in applying a name reservation. The next steps are to be completed after we use app Studio to build the app upload package.

We need to find the publisher Display Name and publisher ID in the profile of the account We also need a link to the privacy statement here to show that our app does not collect or upload the user's profile information (this link can be a blog address of its own, as long as the public can be accessed on the Internet).

Then we save and click on the Generate App button and this will pop up the Build App dialog box and ask if we want to build Windows Universal App 8.1 (including Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 installation packages) or Windows Phone 8.0 of applications.

Note: We can also build apps for Windows Universal App 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.0 but we're going to generate two times, which means separate builds. One more thing to emphasize here is to choose to build the installation package and release package to upload the store.

Click the Generate button and wait a moment. The system will help us automate the application and provide downloads.

If we need to use this app on our own mobile phone first install the certificate with a mobile phone or PC installation package can be used, if we want more users to use your app then you need to download publish package in the App Store upload audit your app.

If you have a certain code ability to consider downloading the source code to learn, of course, can also be modified on the basis of the source code to make the application more rich and diverse functions. Now the code is already Windows Universal, everyone quickly try to publish your own Windows Universal app!

Hope the summary can help everyone, at the same time welcome everyone here and I communicate or on Sina Weibo @ Wang Bo _nick

How to use app Studio to quickly customize your own Universal Windows app

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