HTML Encoding Rules

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<! DOCTYPE html><!--Add the standard mode for the first line of each HTML page--><html lang= "en-us" ><!--to specify the lang attribute for the HTML root element. Helps the speech synthesis tool determine the pronunciation it should use, helping the translation tools determine the rules they follow when translating, and so on. -<head> <!--nested elements should be indented once (two spaces)--<!--character encoding ensures that the browser can quickly and easily determine how the page content is rendered--><meta charset= "utf- 8 "><!--IE supports the use of specific <meta> tags to determine which version of IE should be used to draw the current page. Unless there is a strong special need, it is finally set to Edge mode, which informs IE to use the latest mode it supports--><meta http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" content= "Ie=edge" > <title> Coding Rules </title><!--It is generally not necessary to specify the type attribute when introducing CSS and JavaScript files because it is the default value--><link rel= "stylesheet" href= "Common.css" ><script src= "Common.js" ></script> </head> <body> <div> <img sr c= "Images/right.png" > <!--for the definition of attributes, use double quotes---<!--for the closed and element, do not add a slash '/'--></div>< at the end of the element!-- The optional end tag is not omitted--><!--HTML attributes should be arranged in the order given below to ensure legibility of the code. Class ID, name data-* SRC, for, type, href, value Title, Alt Role, Aria-*--><a class= "" id= "" data-toggle= "Modal" href= "#" &GT;EXAMPLE&LT;/A&GT </body></html><!--use two spaces instead of tabs (tab), which is the only way to ensure consistent presentation in all environments. -


HTML Encoding Rules

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