HTML tag search engine friendliness Summary

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H-Series Labels:
H Tag number H1 the highest weight, H1 equivalent to our title of a composition, H2, H3 and other labels belong to the page of the relevance of the topic label, h tag weight is relatively diminishing, if you do not appear H1, then H2 weight is equivalent to H1. If H1 is used to make a keyword, then H2 can be used to make the extension keyword. Other than H1 tags can be used multiple times.

<meta name= "keywords" content= "keywords" >
The use of this is now more and more low weight, but the lower is the right to heavy, as long as serious treatment, the word here is effective. Here are two points to note:
First, most people will choose to write a keyword here will not more than three, some people directly write only one, which is good, every label has a weight, you emphasize the less content, then its weight will be relatively higher, so do not write too much, otherwise than not write, and let the search engine to judge your page keywords.
Second, almost all SEO professionals will tell you to try to write a different keyword on each page, to avoid being considered to be the danger of repeating the page.

<meta name= "description" content= "website description" >
This is mainly in order to appear in the search results index results, index results are in Baidu search your station when the title below the summary content. This is a page guide, used to explain the main content of the page, of course, the weight is not high, with keywords tag, not too much attention. And now because the search engine robot more and more intelligent, basically has implemented the entire page summary content randomly appear its index results, search engine will be based on the content of your search different display different index. If you want to write description, write carefully, many people use here to control the search engine index display, because the more specific the description of the site, the more likely to appear in the index when the content of this tag

Title: Layout of titles
In general we will use the complete match and the word segmentation match, seldom uses the absolute match the form. Many people will often use the "typesetting" form to describe the title, such as the title "Yunnan Baidu Promotion site optimization-the Cloud SEO optimization Studio", the use of this title is to use the form of the person who is trying to layout keywords with the full match. In addition to the poor readability of the title, can you see that there is a problem in the title?

<b></b> and <strong></strong> text bold tags:
These two sets of HTML tags in the visual effect is to make the text bold, have the emphasis on the role, it will tell users and search engines, this part of the content in this page is very important. So we can put important phrases in the page--usually keywords, <b></b> or <strong></strong> bold emphasis. But to avoid the entire article is bold, or all the words are not bold, both of these methods are undesirable. In most cases, the use of <b></b> or <strong></strong> effect is similar, there are experts to use <b></b> characters less, more bandwidth saving, so it is recommended to <strong></strong> is replaced by <b></b&gt, but obviously this reason is not so full and attractive, a few characters, for the current speed of the network can be completely negligible.

Picture label we should pay attention to its "alt" attribute, because the search engine does not know the picture, and the "alt" attribute in the general sense tells the search engine the content of this picture. Therefore, for SEO, it is important to pay attention to the use of the "alt" attribute, for each image with a practical meaning should be added to the "alt" attribute, and to specify the content.

<a href= "url" title= "link title" Rel= "" ></a>
Be sure to use the title when you use a as a hyperlink

<!--page comments--
This is a Web page comment, many people use to comment keywords This is a kind of cheating method, but also do not too much comment, otherwise the search engine thinks you cheat, it is not worth the candle.

HTML tag search engine friendliness Summary

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