HTML5 Development Primer Essentials Learning tools Recommended

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In this era of rapid development of it Internet, HTML5 has become a hot topic in web development, more and more small partners want to learn a strong technology, of course, the birth of HTML5 language by the vast number of developers love, it is seen as a web developer to create popular Web application of the weapon, Now in this ever-changing mobile era, in addition to iOS, Android two platforms, as well as Windows Phone, and so many other competitions, which gives HTML5 the opportunity to simply understand the next HTML5 development to learn some of the main tools required to know.

Dreamweaver CS6

Dreamweaver CS6 is the world's top software manufacturer, Adobe, a set of web design software that has a visual editing interface for making and editing web and mobile applications. Because it supports code, split, design, and real-time attempts to author, write, and modify Web pages, for beginners, you don't need to write any code to create Web pages, and of course mature code-editing tools will be more appropriate for web development executives.

Code Editor (notepad++)

notepad++ is a programmer's essential text editor, the software is small and efficient, can support 27 programming languages, this Code Editor can replace Microsoft's Notepad perfectly.


Hbuilder is a dcloud launch of a support HTML5 Web development IDE, through the full syntax hints and code input method, code block, etc., can greatly improve the HTML, JS and CSS development efficiency, but also includes the most comprehensive grammar library and browser compatibility data.


EditPlus is a design tool for developing dynamic interactive content in HTML5, CSS, and Java, which is currently in the preview phase, and can be compatible with both mobile and desktop computers.


MyEclipse is a very good collection of Eclipse plugins for Java, EE, and this tool is very powerful, especially for various open source products.

Wow, I don't think it has been introduced the huaqing vision teacher summed up five kinds of HTML5 development to learn the mainstream tools, with the advent of mobile internet craze, mobile development has been more and more popular, this profession not only pay high, and growth is fast, so choose to join HTML5 development ranks is also quite good. What do you know about these mainstream development tools? In real life, you can shorten your study time and improve the development efficiency. Add QQ 15010390966 to learn more about HTML5 development and learning related content.

HTML5 Development Primer Essentials Learning tools Recommended

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