HTTP protocol Common Status code

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206-When the breakpoint is downloaded, the client requests a portion of the content, and the server successfully returns this part of the content to it, which is the state.

301-Permanent jump, the original address does not exist, the URL is pointed to another address. This is mainly search engine-related, affecting the crawler's retrieval behavior.

302-Temporary jump, the server will return a new URL to the client, the client can continue to access the URL to obtain the content.

304-The resource has not changed, and the client can use locally cached content, common to static content access.

413-The request entity is too large. A common scenario is uploading large files, but exceeding the server (such as Nginx) restrictions. or the request header or request body exceeds the backend server (such as Tomcat) settings (such as too many cookies under the current domain name, exceeding the request header limit)

416-related to the continuation of a breakpoint, the scope of the client request exceeds the file size on the server

404-not Found

400-The request parameter is illegal, basically occurs when the form is submitted to the business layer

500-Server Internal error, cannot return normal results. For example, the most common application throws a null pointer exception that is not processed.

502-Gateway error. A common scenario is that the reverse proxy backend server (such as resin or tomcat) is not started.

503-The service is not available. For example, the server load is too high or the server has stopped service.

504-The gateway timed out. For example, the request is longer than the server response time limit.

HTTP protocol Common Status code

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