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With the development of the Internet, it has been deeply in all aspects of people's lives, it can be said that we are inseparable from the Internet. In the face of human dependence, Internet security is increasingly important, personal privacy is increasingly needed to protect. How can we improve the security of our Internet access? How to protect the privacy of our internet? How to prevent being hijacked by hackers? And so on, many security factors need to be taken into account.

HTTPS has gradually entered the spotlight on the security of the giant Google Chrome tag website and the Apple ATS policy, as well as the small program, which has made everyone aware of the need and urgency of Internet encryption. And with the release of the cyber security law in recent times, people pay more attention to the importance of Internet security, we must be in the Internet infrastructure to ensure security, the use of HTTPS is imperative. As an important part of HTTPS SSL certificate, also began to have a free nature, this article describes how to apply for a free certificate.

Bloggers also found that more and more bloggers and webmasters will own the site on the HTTPS, it seems that the era of HTTPS came.

Request a Certificate website requesting a free certificate:
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The website specializes in free certificate applications and is said to add more certificate brands in the future. now supports the functions of certificate request, certificate expiry reminder, certificate management and so on. Currently you can apply for two certificates: let's Encrypt and Trustasia. The difference between the two is:

    • Let's Encrypt, multi-domain support, valid for 3 months.

    • Trustasia, support single domain name (gift www), valid for 1 years.

1. Fill in the domain name

In the homepage of the site you need to issue a certificate of the domain name, in English , separate. If it is a single domain name, the domain name is automatically added by default www .
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2. Enter your email address

FREESSL provides the ability to notify you of a certificate expiry, through which the FREESSL will notify you of a replacement certificate 30 or 7 days before the certificate expires. Very good, no longer afraid of the certificate expired.
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3. Select Certificate/Authentication type

All two brands of the site can request RSA and ECC certificates and support DNS validation and file validation. The most convenient way to choose yourself.

There are three ways in which CSR generation needs to be explained:

    1. Web cryptography, the site uses Web cryptography to generate private keys and CSRs by default. This will not generate the possibility of private key propagation in the network, as much as possible to protect the security of the certificate you have requested.

    2. Paste manually, and if you attach great importance to security, you can apply by pasting your own generated CSR.
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    3. Server generation, not recommended , if your browser does not support Web cryptography (prompting) and you cannot paste your CSR yourself, the FREESSL server will help you automatically generate a private key and a CSR request. When the certificate is issued at the last step, the private key is returned together with the certificate.

4. Click Generate

Everything is ready, click Generate . If you are DNS verified, you can obtain the following information:
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You need to add the TXT record to the DNS service provider and then complete. You can verify by manual verification (if you click Verify directly, you need to re-fill the verification information after the failure), when all the domain name verification passes, click Verify , you can get your certificate.

5. Get the certificate

When your verification information is passed, you will see the following:
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In the first box is the certificate (containing the intermediate certificate), and the second box is the private key. You can easily copy, or click on the download package into a zip file. Since then, the application certificate has been completed.

Certificate Management supports simple background management, such as certificate download, certificate information review, certificate expiry reminders and other functions.

For simple instructions, the certificate download can only be downloaded to the certificate file, and the private key is not downloadable. If your private key is lost, you can check to see if there is a private key in your browser localstage (provided that you have not applied for a new certificate) and they store it here.

1. Registered Account

To enter the background of the management certificate, first need to apply for an account:
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It will send an activation email to your mailbox, click on the activation link to activate and log in automatically.

2. Login Backstage

Direct login into the management background, very concise:
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3, certificate Information view

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4. Certificate Upload

Certificate review does not have too much explanation, I think it should be to give the certificate expiration reminders to do the function bar, user-friendly management of their own certificates.
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HTTPS free certificate, free SSL certificate, request a variety of free certificates

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